July 13, 2017

This morning I went around to first period classes before absent reports came in. (I didn't make it very far before they started, but I was able to ignore them for a while.) Here we go.

I visited the high school maroon band. Mrs. Cooley is working with the band.

As you can see, I'm not very good about drawing large group pictures when I go into my impressionism phase.

Junior symphonic band clarinets with Mr. King.

High school concert band clarinets and Mr. Storey. Mr. Storey says that this is the best concert band clarinet section that he has had! Way to go, clarinets.

Dr. Manfredi and his high school symphonic band horns.

High school symphonic band tubas and euphoniums with Dr. Lewis.

Mrs. DuBois and the high school concert band bass clarinets.

Mr. Swails and the junior honor band bass clarinets.

Junior symphonic band oboes and Mr. Hughes.

Dr. Shanks and the high school symphonic band trombones.

This young man was saying he has never been the center of attention, that he's always on the side, out of the way. Well, mister. Your dream has come true!

I captured in my imagination the junior honor band bassoons. Mr. Garcia is their teacher.

Here are some pictures from the third hour. Mr. Lough is working with the high school maroon band trumpets.

Here are the maroon horns and Mrs. Casso.

Mrs. Sayger and the high school white band clarinets.

Mrs. McMillan has the high school symphonic oboes during the third period.

And Mrs. Anderson has her high school white oboes in this action shot.

Mr. Sheffield is working with the high school white band percussionists in the hallway.  They're in a brass and percussion sectional right now, so he wanted to give the campers some more personal attention.

Next I went to the art lecture room for the high school honor band trumpets. Dr. Takacs is their instructor.

There are many ensembles during the 1:45 pm class time. This is the junior high school saxophone ensemble. Mr. Freeman is here and you'll see Mr. Yett soon.

Dr. Lewis and the high school tuba/euphonium ensemble.

Next is the high school flute ensemble. Mrs. Rohus says that this is the best group she has worked with at this camp.

Dr. Barger conducts the high school saxophone ensemble.

Here are some happy campers making bassoon reeds. Today they are tying string, which is known as a Turk's head (a type of knot). Boy, was I lucky to be there while it was happening!

Mr. Garcia demonstrates how to apply the Duco cement in order to seal the reed.

Dr. Eiben and the top high school flute ensemble rehearse in the fine arts complex recital hall. This is a smaller, 100-seat auditorium; Northen recital hall has about 500 seats.

I went to the drum major class.

(Sorry. Will I never learn? Probably not.)

Here is the high school horn ensemble. Mrs. Casso is the instructor and she's in the back row while her daughter, a WTAMU senior music major, is conducting.

Mr. Worosello conducts the woodwind choir. These are the top players in the camp. They will be featured next Wednesday at the 7 pm concert.

Down the hall is a conducting class for high school students.

There are enough students to form two junior high school clarinet ensembles. This is #2.

Mr. King is helping the back row and Mrs. Lough was conducting. They were rehearsing the Star Wars theme song. All the ensembles will perform next Thursday beginning at 1:30 pm. Junior high school ensembles will be in the Branding Iron Theatre, which is where they meet for the 3 pm assembly. High school will meet in Northen Recital Hall.

Three o'clock junior high school assembly. Campers were wrapping a mummy with toilet paper.

This team won. At the end, this young lady turned into a whirling dervish, a Tasmanian devil.

At 4:30 while campers are doing their intramurals, the faculty and staff form a directors band, which is a band made out of directors. Dr. Garner, WTAMI professor emeritus.

The student events office has created a scoreboard for the intramural points. Each of the directors is protrayed as a super hero.

We have a check in at the activities center at 7 pm, so I'll take some pictures then. In the meantime, I'll post what I have to give you something to do.

I'm back. Campers have use of the swimming area from 4 pm until 8 pm every day. The community also uses the facility for birthday parties and swim time. Here are some pictures of the slide, lazy river, wading area, and the pool.

In the basement of the activities center, campers can bowl. It costs, but it is relatively inexpensive.

And then there's bingo. It was supposed to start and 7:30 pm but was delayed because of the talent show tryouts. Instead, here are some pre-bingo pictures while we wait.

Let's get started. See how the campers are more focused.

And I found two campers willing to run the game while we were waiting for the prizes to arrive.

And that's it for Thursday.