July 16, 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wonderland Park had to cancel because of lightning.

We have gathered up all the Wonderland tickets that have the camper's nametag number. We will send that information to the Gold Card office to refund the $30 at the end of camp. If a camper has lost his/her ticket, he/she needs to go to the band camp office (N-263) to tell the camp secretary, Ms. Munoz.

On Sunday, there are NO morning classes. Let me spell no for you:   N  O.

But we DO have afternoon rehearsals from 2:00pm until 3:30 pm. We switch band directors for the second week so the campers can have a different experience. Since we have nine bands rehearsing at the same time, we have some different space for those bands. The "places" with an asterisk (*) are the same places where the band rehearses. F-227 is in the fine arts complex, second floor, on the north side of the building.

HS Honor
HS Symphonic
HS Concert
HS Maroon (woodwinds)
HS Maroon (brass/perc)
HS White
JH Honor
Legacy Hall*
JH Symphonic
JH Concert
JH Varsity

At 2 pm, all the bands had a rehearsal with new directors and new music. I took pictures of the bands that performed in Mary Moody Northen Hall yesterday. We'll start with the high school concert band. This week's conductors are Mr. Worosello and Mr. Collins.

The honor band rehearsed in the Branding Iron Theatre. Mr. Lefevre, band camp director and WTAMU director of bands,  conducts the band.

Mr. Eaks and Mr. Whittaker are conducting the high school symphonic band this week.

Mr. King and Ms. O'Bryant will lead the junior high school honor band.

The end of today.