July 9, 2017

Welcome to the 65th annual Band Camp at West Texas A&M University.

Registration on Sunday will begin in Mary Moody Northen Hall, which is on the northwest side of campus.

We're headed to the band room. Yesterday, the resident assistants and dorm supervisors had their training session.

After the meeting, they went to the residence halls to get ready for the campers.

Here is the east entrance to Northen Hall.

Adjacent to it on the east side is the Fine Arts Complex.

Between the two buildings is a nature trail for the outdoors man. It is a rugged, scenic route that has streams, rivers, mountain ranges, camp sites, and BBQ pits. It takes less than two minutes to make the wilderness crossing.

We're going into the "F" (fine arts complex) building from the south.

I took the highway, but here is a view of the wilderness trail from the northwest passage. Did you see the deer dart across my path? Don't worry. There will plenty of blurrs with me running the camera!

The fine arts complex looking east.

I turn to the right, and we're back at the "N" (Northen Hall) building.

There are practice rooms on the second floor of Northen and also in the fine arts complex, room 253.

Two hours before registration and the line is already forming just like Disneyland.

I was going to show you the band camp office located in the music library (N-263), but I ran into a herd of butterflies frozen in time and I was turned away.

On Monday, campers will audition for bands. In the atrium of Northen the results will be posted.

To start the registration process, campers will pick up a packet of information and then proceed to the recital hall and have their nametag made.

Just before exiting the "N" building, the student events office is where students will go to nominate director of the day, replace their nametag that's now lost, etc.

Coming into the "N" building from the west side.

At 6 there was an honor camper meeting. Honor campers were chosen at last year's camp to be the student leaders for this year's camp. Dr. Teweleit and Mr. Lefevre are conducting the meeting.

And at 8:30 the camp faculty met.

The gentlemen in the blue camp shirts are the work crew for this year's camp. They've already worked several full days getting ready for camp.

Mr. Lefevre, camp director.

This marks the end of the first day.