July 15, 2017

Saturday morning is a normal schedule. It's just like all the other days. Campers have three classes in the morning.

We have concerts in the afternoon, so here is that schedule:

JH Varsity
1:30pm, BIT
2:30pm, BIT
JH Honor
2:00pm, NRH
3:00pm, NRH
JH Concert
2:30pm, F-Studio
3:30pm, BIT
HS Concert
3:00pm, N-1010
4:00pm, NRH
JH Symphonic
3:30pm, F-Studio
4:30pm, BIT
HS Symponic
4:00pm, N-1010
5:00pm, NRH
HS White
4:30pm, F-Studio
5:30pm, BIT
HS Honor
5:00pm, N-1010
6:00pm, NRH
HS Maroon
5:30pm, F-Studio
6:30pm, BIT

The BIT is the Branding Iron Theatre, located on the east side of the Fine Arts Complex
NRH is Northen Recital Hall and it's on the northwest side of Mary Moody Northen Hall, where we did the registration.
F-Studio is a rehearsal room in the same building and very near the BIT.
N-1010, is the west addition to Mary Moody Northen Hall. It's the large band room.

Mr. Dixon sent me a picture of his junior high school honor band that rehearses in Legacy Hall.

On Saturday morning, all the sectionals had chair tryouts. Last Monday, the students were assigned a band and a chair, but now after a week, they were given an opportunity to move to a higher chair. On Sunday, when we learn new music, they will move to the new chair.

Saturday afternoon the bands performed the music they learned during the first week. I was in the Branding Iron Theatre, so I'll share what I saw.

The first band to perform was the junior high school varsity band. Mr. Cooley from Lewisville and Mr. Mireles from Roma were their directors.

Mr. Diamond (Bushland) and Mrs. Mitchell (Sherman) conducted the junior high school concert band.

Next was the junior symphonic band with Mrs. Bulloch (Belton) and Mr. Shaw (Tomball).

Mr. Nuckols (Amarillo) and Mr. Sheffield (Canyon) conducted the high school white band.

The last band to perform was the high school maroon band. Mrs. Cooley from Lewisville and Mr. Ellis from Amarillo conducted that band.

We started at 2:30 and finished at 7. There was a dance for the campers.