July 17, 2017

Dr. Teweleit has some pictures from last week. The first one is the dorm meeting last Sunday. This is the meeting for Cross Hall.

This is Cross Hall.

This might be Monday, the day of auditions.

Dr. Manfredi and the brass choir.

Fun at the three o'clock high school assembly.

Mr. Carroll at the Wednesday night percussion masterclass.

The saxophone masterclass in the activity center mirror room.

The trombone masterclass in the activity center ballroom. This is the place, when it's loud and dark, that scares my camera; I'm fearless, but I honor my camera's wishes. That's what friends do. Mr. Teweleit had to take this picture for camera.

Junior high school assembly.

This might be the high school honor band with Dr. Garner. If the tempo is fast, it's Dr. Garner, who can even go faster than fast.

The campers are playing a lot of card games. It's something about guessing the card value while putting down the card. If it's right, the first hand on the stack gets the cards. When I was born, cards hadn't been invented, so I can't know what they are doing.

We're up to Monday now and some pictures of 1:45 p.m. classes. This is the junior high trombone ensemble in the activity mirror room.

High school trombone ensemble in the activity center ballroom. (I dind't tell camera until we had finished! He was a good sport inspite of the panic attack that lasted for 10 minutes. I calmed him down by giving him new batteries.)

I blurred the next photo, but I did tell the young man with the red hair that he only had four days left before his mother would see him (...and possibly recognize him....and perhaps allow him to ride home inside the car.)

Here is the junior high school percussion I ensemble. Mrs. Freeman is their director.

The twirlers have a 1:45 class as well. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ashcraft help them with their technique.

This is the junior high school tuba/euphonium ensemble.

Sorry. Too much metal.

High school trumpet ensemble II rehearses in Founders Hall.

Someone's trumpet is missing in this picture. When I played oboe, the kids would always take my reed. I saw the band director give them money. Playing the oboe without a reed is pretty quiet. Camera likes me that way. Mr. Anderson conducts this group.

Ms. Caldwell has the junior high school clarinet ensemble I. By the way, that's a conducting pattern she's doing, not a signal for me and camera to go away.

Again, this is a conductor dodging wrong notes. Darn accidentals! I still don't think it's about me and camera.

At the 3 pm assembly, the contestants had to throw their best show into the air and land it on a table too far away.

One made it. The student events crew would retreive the shoe and run it back to the student, who would try again without success. One thing was certain: the student events crew were exhausted.

The bands are working on posters, so here are some of them working. These are the worker bees. The drones will show up at the last minute.

The faculty recital was at 7 pm. The horn octet played "A Frozen Journey." Front row, left to right: Ms. Casso, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Ellis, Dr. Manfredi; Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Perry, Ms. Scrudders, Mrs. Casso.

The clarinets played "Episodes from the Crescent Moon." Going around the circle, from left to right:
Mrs. DuBois, Mr. King, Mr. Swails, Mr. Alfaro, Mr. Storey

The Three Tenors. Actually it's one tenor, one alto, and one bari, but their golden voices were just like The Three Tenors. Dr. Barger, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Yett. They performed "Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds."

A woodwind quintet play "A Morning in France." Dr. Eiben, Mrs. Crutchfield, Ms. Casso, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Swails.

Dr. Shanks played the prelude from the first cello suite by J.S. Bach, originally written for trombone but later transcribed by P.D.Q. Bach for cello, because P.D.Q. felt sorry for them that they didn't have anything to play for their gigs.

Dr. Lewis played "Cascades."

Mr. Garcia played Milde's "Tarantella," accompanied by Mrs. Abbasova.

The final group was a flute duet (doubled) playing a "Rondo" by Franz Doppler. Mrs. Abbasova, Ms. Baumert, Ms. Umlah, Mrs. Holger, Ms. Blackburn.

At the same time, Dr. Teweleit was also taking pictures. Let's review and there will be a test at the end of this page.

Here are some "don't try this at home" pictures. I know where he was when he took them. Camera won't go up there with me (and I won't leave camera alone), so add "heights" to his phobias.

And that's Tuesday of the second week.