July 10, 2017

Monday morning is audition days. Campers play the etude for the instrument teachers to be placed in one of the five high school bands (for students going into high school [grade 9 and above]) or one of the four junior high school bands (students going into grades 7 or 8). I just walked around for a while drawing pictures that came to my mind.

(I sometimes have vision problems.)

Students were warming up all over the place. Here's the interior of Northen Recital Hall. This is where the high school students will meet for the 3 pm assembly.

Tossing the football to get one's mind off auditioning.

Audition results were posted in Northen Hall atrium. I was inputting the information, so that's why you won't see me for the rest of the day.

At 7 pm, students had a one-hour rehearsal. They had one in the late afternoon. After this practice, there was a dance at the activities center.

This is the high school symphonic band. Mrs. Denney and Dr. Teweleit are the directors this week.

Mr. Sheffield and Mr. Nuckols are working with the high school white band in Northen recital hall.

That's it for today.