July 14, 2017

Time to check on the 7:45 am breathing see if the campers are still breathing. Yep, they are. Here are the junior high campers doing their warm-up exercises.

"Reach for the sky, pardner!"

"Push the sky up."

The high school students are on their instruments.

And the twirlers are twirling.

There was a junior high school honor band brass and percussion sectional and this was what they were doing.

Mr. Roberts had the trumpets in the hallway so I photoed them as well.

Now it's the third hour and we invade/violate the space of  Dr. Carpenter and the high school symphonic band bassoons. See how happy they are to see us?

Next is the high school maroon band percussion section and Mr. Carroll.

Mr. Worosello (and Mr. Collins) are rehearsing the high school concert band in the Northen Hall band room.

Off to Dr. Eiben and her high school white band flutes.

And not too far away in the Fine Arts Recital hall are the high school symphonic band flutes and Mrs. Blackburn.

Amy (a graduate flute major) is looking on. She was working with the high school flute ensemble yesterday in Northen Hall atrium. Remember?

During the third hour, the varsity band brass and percussion players have a sectional. Mr. Cooley and Mr. Morales are their directors this week.


You're probably wondering how I did that. I'd rather not say. (If you must know, it's a gift.)

Back into the light!  Our first victims are the high school white band bass clarinets and Mr. Swails.

Mrs. DuBois and the high school symphonic band bass clarinets.

At 11:00 am, there is a band directors workshop. Dr. James Barger, WT music faculty member and our saxophone teacher at band camp, is doing a workshop on the saxophone. I didn't step in because I didn't want to disturb the class. (That's the first time I've felt that urge to restrain myself!)

Here is the band camp office staff. You might have talked to Johanna or Haley or Ms. Munoz or Jose.

During the 1:45 classes, a faculty quartet rehearses in a practice room hallway. They sounded really good. On Monday night at 7 pm, the faculty will perform for the campers.

Here is the theory I class. Dr. B.J. Brooks is their teacher.

Junior high school percussion ensemble II rehearses on the Northen Hall Recital Hall stage with Mr. Perry.

We have two jazz improvisation classes. Mr. Barney has one. . .

. . . and Mr. Hinds has the other.

Mr. Mears has is rehearsing the high school percussion ensemble III in the band room.

Mr. Carroll has the high school percussion ensemble II.

Meanwhile, over in Legacy Hall, the junior high school trumpet ensemble are playing their hearts out.

But sometimes they take a break.

Mr. Lough is their director. By the way, all the ensembles will perform for one another next Thursday, starting a 1:30 pm. The junior high groups will be in the Branding Iron Theatre; high school groups in Northen Recital Hall.

It's 3 pm and we're in Northen Recital Hall for the high school assembly. Find Waldo (or your camper). I dare you.

The game today had contestants tying an empty tissue box to their beltloops, but the box had to be on the back side. (See how much more adult/sophisticated the high school competitions are?) There are five ping-pong balls in the box, and the camper has to wiggle his back side to eject the balls. It wasn't as easy as they thought.

The winners? Yet the game went on for another five minutes.

Looking for something?

This didn't work, either.

Onlookers watch the struggle but offer no help. "It's his problem, not theirs," they say.

Talent show time! To get the performance started. . .

The theme for camp (according to the student events office) is "Super Heroes."

The first group to perform is the Bonham majorettes.

I think this is broom man. He appears at the high school assemblies. Tonight he was our MC.

Seth did stand-up comedy.

Kelli sang "Traveling Soldier."

Nimitz majorettes.

Evelyn sang "Riptide."

Lowell did a dance routine.

Pause and Taco rapped.

Lauren twirled.

Summer played "Blackbird."

Hein performed "aLIEz."

Annabeth and Caitlin performed an original song.

Evelyn was awarded a third place trophy; Lowell, second.

And Annabeth and Caitlin won first place.

And that's how Friday ended for me. The campers still had a dance they could attend at the activities center or racquetball or basketball or bowling or.... The music is so loud at the dance that my camera is afraid to go into that darkened room alone. I've told camera many times that I'm not going in there. Camera is young, having been born in 2005, and it likes to dance, but noise and darkness scares it. Maybe camera will outgrow it in a couple of years.