July 20, 2016

Let's start off with the morning classes. Drum major is thinning out. Not from not eating. It's too early. Here are the diehards.

Same thing at the breathing class. We're near the end, so they're working on blowing up balloons to regulate their air.

I'm still missing some of the first-period classes. And I'm getting confused. If I've already drawn a picture of this class, ignore it and move on. Concert band bass clarinets with Mrs. DuBois. They were eating donuts, so try not to think of that.

Dr. Eiben has the junior high honor band flutes.

Symphonic band trumpets with Dr. Takacs.

Mr. Hughes and the junior high symphonic band oboes.

They said they weren't ready, so I drew another picture for them.

They still weren't ready. Moving on. Mr. Swails and the junior honor band bass clarinets.

They said they weren't ready.

They still weren't ready. I'm not going to waste anymore film on retakes! Mr. Kasper and the bass clarinets in the junior symphonic band.

Someone was hiding.

Mrs. Lough and the junior symphonic band clarinets.

Mr. Freeman and the junior symphonic band saxophones.

Mr. Reimund and the white euphoniums and tubas.

I noticed that I had not taken very many third-period classes. I've been busy! Anyway, I'm going to do them very quickly. If they are blurry because of my blazing speed and faulty technique, you're used to it by now. I captured the symphonic band bassoons and Dr. Carpenter in their lair.

Maroon trumpets had just gotten to class and they were letting off steam and tearing up the place before they settled down for rehearsal. For my safety, I didn't go back to see if they had settled down.

The student in the background thinks he's surfing. Only on his phone!

Maroon horns. They're much better behaved.

Ms. Rose is fixing an instrument and doesn't have time for us.

White band clarinets.

Symphonic band saxophones.

Maroon trombones with Ms. Pecht.

Honor band trumpets. When I went in, they were taking turns flipping a half-filled water bottle and trying to get it to land on its cap. To heck with playing the trumpet. Give them something more challenging.

Matt did it!

Symphonic band oboes with Mrs. Crutchfield.

Ms. Anderson and the white oboes.

Junior varsity clarinets with Mrs. Lough. Those tan things sticking out of their mouths are not funguses. The campers are just fine.

Mr. Storey is working with the symphonic band clarinets.

Mrs. Henson has the junior varsity flutes.

Honor band horns with Mrs. Casso.

Mrs. DuBois proudly displays her symphonic band bass clarinets.

Junior varsity band oboes with Mr. Hughes.

Presenting the white band bass clarinets.

Disarmed honor band trombones.

Symphonic band flutes. Ms. Blackburn is fixing an instrument. Ten days into camp is about when the breakdowns happen. Fortunately, they're all instruments and not emotional.

Mrs. Freeman is working with the junior varsity percussionists. She had perfect attendance today and also at 1:45 pm. That's a miracle. I don't know if you know anything about young people on a university campus, but they tend to wander in the fields sometimes. Today, they were totally focused.

The junior concert band was rehearsing next door, so let's peak in on them. Mrs. Mitchell is conducting.

Mr. King is working with the junior symphonic woodwinds and Mr. Dixon is helping out the second row.

Junior symphonic band trumpets with Mr. Burns rehearsing in Centennial Hall multipurpose room. We were able to get better rooms for these sectionals that have air conditioning thanks to the Residential Living administrators.

Junior symphonic trombones.

Junior symphonic horns.

Ms. Jarrett is their instructor.

Junior varsity saxophones. They were packing up since class had ended. We get an action shot. Ms. Lenhart is their teacher.

Junior symphonic band euphoniums and tubas.

I went to the cafeteria to show you the lunch items. They have a lot of choices for the campers. This first station has fixin's to make a sandwich. The campers can pick an item, eat it, then go back for something else. It's not a pick one and you're stuck with it. Okay, the first station is a sandwich.

I didn't get a good picture, but this is the ice cream station.

Hot food. Chicken nuggets, Alfredo noodles, potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots or green beans and carrots. I always get those mixed up.

Pizza slices. They always have three different kinds out. Grab a slice or two and move on out. We are also using plates this year. Get a plate, grab some pizza, and move on out. Every station has plates and their are trays for the students to carry their items to the table.

Sweets. Cake squares and a lot of cookies.

Here's another station. This one is the hamburger (which they fry up for you) and bun, hot dogs and bun, French fries, cheeses topping for the fries or burger, chili topping for the fries or burger or hot dog.


Fresh fruit station.

Salad toppings.

Pudding cups. There's also drink machines around the corner that I showed you when we went out for breakfast.

Jazz band III performed at the junior high school 3 pm assembly.

The game was for one person to wrap the partner in toilet paper. The first team to empty the spool won. The winning team had the wrapee spin instead of the wrapper going around the victim.

At 7 pm campers heard the woodwind choir. These are the top woodwind players at camp.

Keslie was chosen as one of the four soloists at camp. One plays with the honor band the first week, one the second week. Because there were several audition materials that were outstanding, additional opportunities were created. Keslie was featured with the woodwind choir and Ryan was featured as the xylophone soloist with percussion ensemble last night.

The directors jazz band also performed. Dr. Teweleit organized and conducted the group.

Guest artist Allen Vizzutti appeared as the soloist. (Tarpley Music Company is Mr. Vizzutti's co-sponsor.)

And that's the end of another day.