July 13, 2016

I wandered campus looking for band rehearsals. (If anyone finds me, please return me.) Look what I discovered. It's the junior high school honor band woodwinds. Campers have three morning classes: a full band rehearsal, a woodwind or brass and percussion sectional, and instruction from faculty who teach that particular instrument. These are some pictures that I drew during the second period.

Mr. Rath and Mr. Ellis (behind) are the directors of this band.

Suddenly, I broke away from my owner and ran to Centennial Hall. (BTW, if I ran, I'd be seriously panting and would be in need of a breathing class. If I ever run again, I'll take a picture of it for you. It would be worthy of a Facebook posting. Don't worry. It won't happen. I don't have a Facebook account, and I don't have any friends!)

I sought refuge with the junior high school trumpets. They were buzzing. I started to yelp, and they shooed me away.

Mr. Burns is their teacher.

Next was Mr. Mireles and the varsity trombones.

Ms. Jarret was talking to the varsity horns.

Then they went into action, so I took a moving picture of them.

Mr. Barney had the junior high school concert band saxophones.

And finally, I visited the tubas and euphoniums from varsity band. Mr. Benton is their teacher.

At 1:45, we have a required elective class. There's marching band, twirling, drum majoring, high school conducting, rhythmic reading, oboe and bassoon reedmaking class, theory, jazz improvisation, and like instrument ensembles. See if you can guess what these pictures are about.

That's right. It's twirling. If you didn't get that one correct, try again before moving on.

Junior high school saxophone ensemble.

Here's a picture on their good side.

Mr. Freeman is their instructor.

Oboe reedmaking class. These factory workers are demanding higher wages!

Can you guess that this is a music theory class? There are certainly tell-tale signs!

Dr. Brooks. He's an exciting teacher. The students are interested, but we're on day four and it's just after lunch. It's time for a siesta.

Can you tell that this is another music theory class? Yep. The same facades.

Bassoon reedmaking.

High school clarinet ensemble.

Whew. That was a lot of clarinets in one day. Next is brass class. My head is still spinning after all those clarinets.

Mr. Ritter is their conductor.

This is the 3 o'clock junior high assembly. Today the game is for the students to bass a bouncy ball with their feet to the person behind them.

At 3:30 the camp faculty get together to play in a band. Dr. Garner leads them.

At 7 pm their were masterclasses. This is the one for the oboes.


The percussion faculty.

Dr. Tariq rehearses the high school percussion I ensemble.



The clock says 6:16, but that side of the room is in a different time zone.

Do you see chins on fists? Does that remind you of a music theory class?


Dr. Lewis and the tuba/euphonium faculty.



Mr. Worosello and the woodwind choir. These are the top high school players at camp.

Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, had some pictures from Tuesday. Breathing class.

Some campers.

1:45 pm marching band. We are experiencing extreme temperatures in the Panhandle, so we've marching band indoors.

Jazz improvisation.

The student events office.

High school saxophone ensemble.

Tuba/euphonium ensemble.

Theory class.

Junior high horn ensemble.

The high school assembly.

The trip to T*E*X*A*S.

This is the percussion sectional from this morning.

And that's it for today.