July 19, 2016

Pre-rehearsal time. The young lady on the right is folding pages. I think she told me it's going to be an anchor.

Last-minute work on the poster.


A good soldier sleeps with her eyes open and with a weapon nearby, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

Catching up on a good book.


Conserving energy.

I went around to some of the first-period classes. Mr. Burns is working with the junior high concert trumpets.

Mr. Owen and the junior high concert trombones digesting the daily bulletin.

Junior high concert horns are with Ms. Jarrett.

Ms. Lenhart and the junior high symphonic saxophones.

Mr. Rivera and the junior high concert euphoniums and tubas.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Freeman is working with the junior high concert percussion students.

The junior high concert woodwinds are in their sectional with Ms. O'Bryant. Today is T-shirt day. Look how many complied.

Next door was the junior symphonic band brass and percussion.

During the second hour, we have junior high honor trombones. Ms. Pecht is their teacher.

Honor band saxophones with Dr. Barger.

Ms. Gahly and junior concert bassoon class.

Dr. Carpenter and the honor band bassoons.

Junior honor band trumpets with Mr. Lough.

Maroon band oboes and Ms. Anderson.

Dr. Takacs with the concert band trumpets.

Mrs. Henson and the junior concert flutes.

Tuba/euphonium 1:45 pm class.

Trumpet I ensemble.

High school saxophone ensemble with Dr. Barger.

Mr. Vizzutti visited the jazz improvisation classes.

As I passed through Northen atrium, I saw the band posters. Remember that Pokemon is the theme. This is JH honor band's offering. All of the band members were supposed to sign the poster to earn extra points for the competition.

JH symphonic.

JH concert.

JH varsity.

HS honor band.

HS symphonic.

HS concert band.

HS maroon band.

HS white band.

Drum major class was still meeting.

High school students milling before the 3 pm assembly.

The high school horn ensemble performed at the junior high school assembly.

The game today was to pick up tiny marshmallows with chop sticks.

Tuesday night is the guest artist recital. Mr. Lefevre, camp director, gets it started.

The evening is shared with the high school percussion I ensemble. Dr. Tariq conducts this group.

Mr. Dave Ritter is the conductor of the brass choir. These students are the top brass players at our camp.

Mr. Bob Conway, a regional representative of Yamaha Corporation of America, introduced Mr. Allen Vizzutti, who is one of their clinicians. This is the fifteenth year that Yamaha has sponsored a guest artist for our band camp.

Tarpley Music, in Amarillo, is also in partnership with Mr. Vizzutti's appearance. Tarpley is a Yamaha dealer and have a shop on campus during camp for supplies and repairs. Tarpley is also very prominent in the region during various contests throughout the year.

The WTAMU Band Camp is very appreciative of Yamaha and Tarpley for their support of music education.

This is the end of Tuesday.