July 12, 2016

UFOs were sited in the atrium, a symptom of yesterday's emotional trauma. Some ignored the appirations.

We have 7:45 classes for students. One of the options is drum major class. Here is Mr. Rivera giving some instructions.

Another early morning class is the breathing class. It's intended for windwood or brass players, but is applicable to anyone who breathes for a living.

By the way, they're watching a video, not looking for UFOs.

Mr. Freeman and his white band saxophones.

These are the tubas and euphoniums from maroon band.

Mr. Myers and the white band trombones.

A fellow traveler greets us.

Dr. Barger with the concert band saxophones.

Mr. Cameron has the junior high school symphonic band bassoons.

Mrs. Rohus the junior high school symphonic band flutes during first period.

She was teaching a concept. They're not trying to avoid low-flying UFOs. I was busy taking a picture and wasn't listening to what she was saying. That's been my problem throughout my life: I don't listen. "What?"

Mr. Garcia (in the cap) and the junior high school honor band bassoons.

The high school symphonic band trombones are with Dr. Shanks in the fine arts complex.

Mr. Swails has junior honor band bass clarinets.

Mr. Hughes is working with the junior high school symphonic band oboes. It appears to be a challenging assignment.

Mrs. DuBois enjoying the concert band bass clarinets.

Dr. Garner working with the honor band brass and percussion sectional.

At 3:00 pm there are assemblies. We're with the junior high school students.

The bands compete for a pizza party at the end of camp, so here's the first game to earn some points. One student was chosen to represent the four junior high school bands. They had to eat a fruit roll-up without using their hands. The student on the right from junior high school varsity band won. Joey Chestnut (the Nathan Hot Dog champion) has nothing on him.

At seven o'clock, many campers went to the outdoor musical T*E*X*A*S.

More tomorrow. (I keep saying that, don't I?)