July 14, 2016

There is time during the day for the campers to eat. Here's what we have this morning. Students have a wide choice of cereals and milks.

There's hot food as well: eggs, tater tots, French toast, ham slices, biscuits and gravy. And they can come back as many times as they want. There's also condiments: jalapenos, salsa, syrup, etc.

Fresh fruit.

Ice and drinks.


Drum major class. It's bright in there, so the pictures didn't come out as well (besides the magic that seem to be able to do with a camera). You do know that my license to operate a camera was revoked last year, so I'm working through that ordeal.

Breathing class doesn't have as many students as it did on Tuesday. I hope they haven't stopped breathing!

This is a cute T-shirt. It says "Trumpet: Everything Else Is Just Accompaniment."

We have energy food for the directors, too.

If you eat some of these magic pellets, your arms can wave a baton really fast.

Grabbing a quick nap before a long day.

Let's go around to the first-period classes. Here's Ms. Anderson and her junior high school honor band oboes.

Ms. Albin and the oboes from high school concert band.

Mr. Lough has the high school white band trumpets.

Next door are the horns who are in white band.

Mr. Sanchez is working with the junior honor band clarinets.

In Northen Recital Hall there is a full band rehearsal for the high school maroon band. Mr. Hinds and Mr. Ludlow are the directors this week.

Student Events has a poster for the pizza contest. Right now, high school honor band and junior high school concert band are leading the way in their divisions.

The maroon band then goes to the brass and percussion sectional in N-1023. Mr. Hinds told me while I was working that this is the best maroon band he's ever had. He complimented the percussion section when I was taking pictures during first period. This is Mr. Ludlow rehearsing one of the pieces that he's preparing for this Saturday's concert.

 Ms. Bulloch is rehearsing the high school concert band woodwinds.

This is the full band rehearsal for high school symphonic band. Dr. Teweleit is the conductor.

High school maroon band flutes. Dr. Eiben is their teacher.

It's 1:45 pm and time to visit some of the choices campers have. Here is Mr. Lough and the junior high school trumpet ensemble.

High school flute ensemble I.

High school rhythmic reading class.

Junior high school rhythmic reading class.

High school horn ensemble.

Drum major class.

High school conducting.

Junior high school clarinet ensemble II.

There's more, but I'm only whetting your appetite. At the 3 o'clock assembly, the competition was to skewer penne with a spaghetti stick.

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures from last night's masterclass. This was the trombone session in the activity center.

Saxophones were in the AC mirror room.

Flutes in the fine arts complex recital hall.

Clarinets in the Branding Iron Theatre.

Trumpets in Northen Recital Hall.

Horns in the art lecture room.

Tuba/Euphoniums in the drawing room.

And finally for today I have some 4:30 pm optional activities. High school leadership.


Jazz band II. (I shouldn't be allowed to take pictures. Oh, yeh. I'M NOT.)

There is a workshop session for band directors. Today's topic was a panel discussion led by Cindy Bulloch, Paul Worosello, and Randy Vaughn concerning using clinicians to help your band.

For the next several days, the bands will compete in making a poster that best represents their band.

There's more to today, but I'll stop here and we'll resume in the morning.