July 10, 2016

Here we go again! Welcome to the 64th annual Band Camp at West Texas A&M University. The band camp office has moved to the music library in Mary Moody Northen Hall. It's on the second floor, northeast corner of the triangular-shaped building.

When campers arrive, they will start at the northwest entrance to Mary Moody Northen Hall.

We're getting closer.

We're in.

Immediately to the right will be the student events office where students can look for lost and found, get another nametag that they've already put through the wasing machine, etc.

We begin with an empty atrium.

On the wall there is a list of early morning, 1:45 p.m. required class, and late classes. All this information will be on the registration packet, but this is the backup system.

There's also a list of audition times and locations. That information is also on the registration packet. If that fails, come to the music office, which is upstairs in N-263.

There's new art.

Facing west, workers will distribute registration packets.

If there is a question, Ms. Munoz, the band camp secretary, will be able to assist.

Once the camper has the packet, s/he will proceed to the recital hall.

A picture will be taken and placed on a nametag. This is the place where the magic happens.

The camper will then move to the band hall. Campers will have red T-shirts. Moms: Did you tell your sons about reds and whites in the washing machine? Text quick!

Faculty shirts are blue. Students can purchase tickets to go to TEXAS on Tuesday and/or Wonderland Park next Sunday.

They can also sign up for private lessons with the camp faculty.

The next step would be to put money for the vending machines on their camp card.

I've come around the south side of the building.

There are lockers that students can use. They find an empty locker and put their own lock on it, and it's there's during camp.

More art.

On the second floor on the south side are three banks of practice rooms.

More art.

Ms. Munoz at work in the music library.

More art. I'm told that this means "hello" in some middle eastern language, but it's backwards, so it's "elloh." I guess you have to be on the other side for it to make sense.

We'll posted audition results in Northen Atrium. The signs are up now, so that students will see where they will come to see the results.

More art.

On the door of each audition site will be a list of audition times and student names. Yes, I know it's blurry. Get used to it.

We put out some chairs in the atrium for people to rest. The kids can sit wherever but we'll do chair tests for the parents to see where they can sit.

We also use rooms in the Fine Arts Complex, which is north and east of Northen.

On the second floor are more practice rooms.

The Fine Arts Complex, southeast side, poses for a photo op.

Centennial Hall, northwest corner.

Cross Hall

Jones Hall

Buff Hall for the band directors.

Cafeteria with a new.

Conner Hall.

The Fine Arts Complex, northeast side, ran in front of my camera.

After six hours of nametags, there was a faculty meeting.

The student events leaders and work crew.

Back to the band directors.

This marks the end of the first day.