July 16, 2016

There were chair tests in the morning prior to the Sunday rehearsal when we start new music. I was over in the Branding Iron Theatre all afternoon. The first concert was the junior high school varsity band. Mrs. Ginger Denney of Randall high school in Amarillo and Mr. Greg Montgomery of College Station middle school were the directors.

Ms. Donna O'Bryant of Nimitz middle school in Odessa and Mrs. Annette Mitchell of Piner middle school in Sherman directed the junior high school concert band.

Next was the junior high school symphonic band. Mr. and Mrs. Cooley, from Lewisville, were their conductors.

By this point, you're probably asking yourself "How can this guy take so many bad pictures?" I don't have a good answer for you other than "It's a gift."

Mr. Justin Nuckols, of Tascosa high school in Amarillo, and Mr. Anthony Gilreath of Westover Park junior high in Amarillo were the directors of the high school white band.

The last performance was by the high school maroon band. Mr. Will Ludlow of Mansfield high school and Mr. Robert Hinds of Hereford high school conducted this band.

Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, sent some photos for us to enjoy. This was the 3 pm high school assembly a couple of days ago.

A visitor.

This must be a relay where the contestants have to transfer their noodles to an awaiting member of their team two miles away. My guess is that the third person to receive the noodles could have wet ones. (Think about it!)

This is the grab-a-hand-and-unscramble-it game.

This might be the high school symphonic band. Dr. Teweleit conducted this group.

This was the warm-up for high school concert band. Mrs. Bulloch and Mr. Vaughn were the conductors.

Mr. Rath, director of the junior high school honor band, with one of the campers.

And that was Saturday.