July 18, 2016

Dr. Teweleit has some Wonderland Park pictures from Sunday afternoon.

Back to Monday. I visited some first period classes this morning. Here is Mrs. Lough and the junior high concert band clarinets.

Ms. Blackburn had the high school honor band flutes.

Mr. Diamond was working with the junior high varsity band woodwinds.

Mrs.  Crutchfield and the high school honor band oboes.

The high school maroon clarinets are with Mr. Worosello this week.

Ms. Rose and her junior high school honor band horns.

Mr. Lough has the junior high school honor band trumpets.

Mr. Freeman and high school maroon band saxophones.

Junior honor band euphoniums and tubas.

Mr. Allen Vizzutti is our Yamaha Corporation of America guest artist this year. Here he talks to the first-period trumpet students. We'll have more pictures throughout camp.

Time for 1:45 pm classes. Can you tell that I took the pictures? JH percussion ensemble II.

HS percussion ensemble III.

HS percussion ensemble II.

Part of HS flute ensemble II. The others were rehearsing upstairs in the practice rooms, so I'll try to get them next time.

A crowded room filled with JH flute ensemble. Mrs. Henson is their teacher.

It's 3 o'clock again. It comes around at about the same time every day. Today the JH clarinet ensemble I performed at the junior high school assembly.

The contest today was a donut on a string. It turned out to be no contest. The donut was too small for the big-mouthed junior high students. I've never seen so many hungry fish.

After the assembly, some of the band set up shop to work on posters that are due tomorrow. JH symphonic band.

HS concert.

HS maroon.

HS symphonic.

HS honor.

JH honor.

Here are the Pokemon figures that they are to incorporate in the poster.

In addition to his solo recital on Tuesday, he will also perform with the directors band on Thursday.

Pictures from the high school assembly.

The 7 o'clock assembly featured our camp faculty in recital. Susan Martin Tariq, Cameron Connell, John Carroll, Channing Freeman.

Robert Hinds, David Lough, Michael Dixon, Suzie Pecht, John Reimund.

Elaine Welch, Lea Baumert.

Eric Perz, Bo Galvan, John Reimund, Jeremy Lewis

Donna O'Bryant, Ismael Alfaro, Rudy Sanchez

Kerry Hughes, Lyndsay Eiben.

John Shanks.

James Barger.

John Reimund, Mila Abbasova.

Colby Swails, James Barger, Mila Abbasova.

Jeremy Lewis, Mila Abbasova.

And since you've been such a good audience, here are some bonus photos.

That was all that happened on Monday, July 18, 2016.