July 11, 2016

There are some leftovers from Sunday. Find Waldo.

Making of the nametag.

Monday morning, we held auditions for the campers. Wasn't that thoughtful? From these auditions, we built bands for them. Another gesture of kindness.

Here's a trombone player trying to be like a bassoon. Cute!

To heck with the tryouts!

The student events office is blurry this morning.

Ms. Welch and Ms. Lewis are the directors of student events. They organize the activities for our campers.

More practicing.

Many campers who passed out after auditions and woke up to see this:

That's the waffle effect on their face in case they showed you a picture.

The rest of my day was spent tabulating results. I'll do better tomorrow (and you are saying "How could it get much worse?")