July 15, 2016

After the 7 pm check-in at the activities center, I drew some pictures on my easel. Here's my rendetion of a card game. Pablo Picasso did one of card players that's worth millions. At least a hand-drawn picture is worth a thousand words.

The AC has racquetball courts. This looks like a new interpretation of the original game. I don't remember that the opponents were positioned in the corners and nearly defenseless.

There is also a bingo game going on during the dance.

Let's see how everyone is doing during the second hour. Junior high school concert band clarinets.

High school honor band clarinets with Mr. Storey.

Dr. Lewis teaches the high school concert band euphoniums and tubas.

Dr. Shanks has the high school concert band trombones.

High school maroon band bass clarinets. I might have taken their picture a couple of days ago, but as I have early stages of Alzheimer's, it's good to relive those moments that I have forgotten. And it doesn't hurt you, either, to see how much they have improved.

Mr. Swails is their teacher. (He's the one on the left, since three young people are pictured.)

Mr. Hughes and the junior high school concert oboes. They have reeds. This must be the first example of "open carry" on a university campus, since that law doesn't start until August 1.

Mrs. DuBois and the honor band bass clarinets. They're smiling, because they don't have to play while I took time to sketch this scene.

Dr. Manfredi has the high school concert band horns.

A few close friends (1). . . . . .personal acquaintances. . . . . .total strangers told me that I should use my phone to take pictures instead of my beloved Polaroid.

It turns out that the cord is too short.

Here we go on our 1:45 pm walk around campus. This is the second high school trumpet ensemble conducted by Mr. Burns.

Mr. Sanchez has the junior high school clarinet I ensemble in Cross Hall.

Dr. Shanks has the high school trombones in the activity center ballroom.

Mrs. Channing has the junior high school percussion ensemble I in the activities center.

Mr. Owen rehearses the junior high school trombones.

The marching band class is rehearsing in the activities center all-purpose room. It's too hot outside for the teachers.

I think this must be the advanced marching class.

They're counting, not yawning.


At 3 pm assembly teams had to hold hands and then figure out how to get untangled without releasing their hold.

At 4 pm campers have some free time. There is a water park at the activities center with a lazy pool, slide, and area for young children, and an open swimming area. The community also has access to this facility for parties, etc.

Four o'clock is also the time for intramurals. Students earn points for their band by participating in these events. Today was volleyball.

Indoor volleyball.


The talent show was at 7 pm in Northen Recital Hall. This is Jordan.

Mr. Broomman was the master of ceremonies. The junior high school doesn't know about broomman, but he makes frequent appearances to the high school assemblies.

The Nimitz twirlers.

Austin played and sang.

I didn't do very well with Shelby, but here's a picture of the dress she wore.

Isaac did voiceovers of Optimus Prime

Hein played a piano solo.

Annabel performed an original song.

The next act was billed as "Tae Kwan Tuba."

Lauren did a solo twirling act.

Isaac and his sister Erika did a volcano song.

The Bonham twirling team.

This is Kaelyn. She is one of the eleven campers from Austrailia.

While the judges deliberated, campers watched a video that the student events staff put together. Apparently everything is Pokeman this year at band camp. Here are the results: Erika and Isaac were awarded third place; Jordan, second; Kae, first. The talent show ended just after it started to rain. All of us got drenched. No need for a bath this week! And that's how Friday ended.