July 15, 2015

I'm going to try harder to get some more sectional pictures today and tomorrow before band is over. These are third period photos. We begin with Mrs. DuBois and her symphonic bass clarinets.

Mr. Hughes and varsity band oboes.

Dr. Shanks and the honor band trombones.

And a picture of trombone motivators from Donut Stop.

White band bass clarinets.

Dr. Manfredi's honor band horns.

Dr. Lewis was talking to the euphoniums and tubas about being able to sing a melody would also help with buzzing pitches and getting the right notes on their horns. These students are in the honor band (and their are a couple of WT students).

Mr. Storey and the symphonic band clarinets.

The wave.

More waving. Don't they know that I'm busy?

And they wanted a picture of their art work.

Dr. Eiben and the symphonic band flutes. The mystery melody today was "Over the Rainbow," and they figured out how to make a round out of it. I gave them a lecture about Renaissance mensuration canons, which is a very complex/intellectual contrapuntal style, and they told me to go away.

But not before I took their picture. Next are the maroon trombones.

White band saxophones.

Maroon euphoniums and tubas.

Honor band trumpets.

Symphonic band saxophones. They were filling out the Mr./Miss Band Camp ballots. I hope a got a lot of write-in votes. I really campaigned for it. If I don't win, it's not a problem. I'll still be Mr. Band Camp in my imagination.

White band flutes.

Dr. Carpenter's symphonic band bassoons.

Mr. Worosello and the white band clarinets.

Maroon horns with Mrs. Casso.

Mr. Lough's maroon trumpets.

Mrs. Anderson and the white band oboes.

At the junior high assembly, Dr. Eiben and the high school flutes performed a piece in the round, which means that the players were arranged thorughout the audience.

Mr. Barney and jazz band III also performed at this assembly.

The contest was eating a donut that was attached to a string. Cats can do that, but they also eat the string.

At least one of the students wouldn't let go of the string. I think he was a cat. Eventually, we removed the hook and threw him back into the audience.

Here is the poster that list the points earned by each band.

Here are the posters. Each band had to make their own poster. Getting signatures from the band members earned them extra points for the pizza party. You saw this poster in yesterday's page, but I colored hand!

And now the junior high school posters.

Here's how the judges scored it: 1. honor; 2. white; 3. symphonic; 4. concert; 5. maroon. Junior high was 1. honor; 2. symphonic; 3. concert; 4. varsity. Don't complain to me about it! I agree with you. Wholeheartedly.

Then at 7 pm the woodwind choir performed. Mr. Worosello is their conductor.

While the work crew reset the stage, we were treated to a jazz riff battle. It was like dueling banjos, except Mr. Hinds and Dr. Teweleit were playing trumpets.

Then they took it to the stage and let the directors jazz band duke it out.

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures. This is the woodwind choir from the balcony perspective.

Jazz band I at the high school 3 pm assembly. Mr. Storey is the conductor.

Mr. Hinds and jazz band II at the high school 3 pm assembly.

Dr. Garner did a masterclass for the second period flute students. in the fine arts complex recital hall.


That's the end of another day.