July 8, 2015

It's about 7:30, so I'll show you the dining hall. It's very close to Jones, Cross, and Shirley. It's also a parking lot away from the activities center.

There are sweet muffins and desert breads.

There's a hot table for eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, pancakes,  and hashbrowns stuff. The students get a plateful but there is no limit to seconds if they want to try something else too.

Dry cereal, milk.

Break, bagels, toppings, syrup.


Silverware, plates.

Flavor enhancers.


Friends enjoying breakfast.

At 7:45 the twirlers are over in the all-purpose room of the activities center.

Back to the fine arts complex and the couches just before high school honor band rehearsal.

I think I jumped forward to the first hour classes. Mrs. DuBois and the honor band bass clarinets.

Mr. Hughes and the junior symphonic oboes.

Mr. Swails and the junior honor bass clarinets.

Dr. Shanks and the symphonic trombones.

Dr. Manfredi's symphonic band horns.

Junior honor bassoons. Dr. Bennett Cameron is hiding from my drawing.

Fast forward to 1:45 pm and the bassoon reedmaking class.

And a beautiful Turk's head.

The high school saxophone ensemble with Mr. Barger.

High school trumpet ensemble I.

The tuba/euphonium ensemble.

Mr. Freeman and the junior high saxophone ensemble.

The junior high school ensemble in the Branding Iron Theatre.

Today they did the tissue game except campers had to use elbows. (That's one way to make a five-minute contest last for 15. There's a tip for you party planners.)

The high school assembly did some sort of group work activity.

At 7 pm there were masterclasses for like instruments. Here Dr. Lewis is teaching the euphoniums and tubas.

Dr. Carpenter and the bassoon students.

Mr. Dixon and the horns.

Dr. Takacs and Mr. Hinds answer questions from trumpet students.

The brass ensemble was also rehearsing.

Mrs. Freeman and the percussion students.

Dr. Tariq worked with the percussion ensemble.

The trombones were in the activity center ballroom.

Mr. Barger and Mr. Freeman played for the saxophone students.

The flutes were in the fine arts complex recital hall.

The wave!

And the clarinets were in the Branding Iron Theatre.

The end of Tuesday.