July 14, 2015

Let's start with first-period classes. High school concert band bass clarinets.

Mr. Hughes and the junior symphonic oboes (again).

Mr. Swails and the junior honor band bass clarinets (again).

Dr. Shanks and the high school symphonic trombones (again).

Dr. Lewis and the high school symphonic euphoniums and tubas. NEW!

Mr. Storey and high school concert band clarinets.

Dr. Eiben and the high school concert band flutes. Can you tell that it's T-shirt day?

Then I have a whole bunch of junior high school varsity pictures. (Some of them not very good, but you're probably getting used to it by now.)

Here are some second hour pictures. Mrs. DuBois and the honor band bass clarinets.

Mrs. Anderson and the maroon band oboes,

Junior honor trombones.

Maroon saxophones.

Junior honor euphoniums and tubas.

Concert band trumpets.

Honor band saxophones.

Maroon flutes.

Honor bassoons.

Junior concert band bassoons.

Maroon clarinets with Mr. Worosello.

Mrs. Casso and the junior honor horns.

Junior honor trumpets with Mr. Lough.

The high school horn ensemble played three pieces for th junior high assembly at 3 pm in the Branding Iron Theatre. The game today was Audience Simon Says. I didn't take any picture because everyone was wearing their maroon band camp T-shirt and the seats in the BIT are maroon so it would be like taking a picture of a chameleon.

Dr. Garner and the directors band at their 3:30 rehearsal.

At 7 pm was the camp assembly to hear Dr. Tariq and the high school percussion ensemble I.

The brass ensemble also performed. These are the top brass players at camp. Dr. Manfredi is their conductor.

Mr. Bob Conway, a regional representative of Yamaha Corporation of America, introduced Dr. Brad Garner, who is one of their clinicians. This is the twelfth year that Yamaha has sponosred a guest artist for our band camp.

Tarpley Music, in Amarillo, and Mr. Mike Burt were also introduced. Tarpley Music is also in partnership with Dr. Garner's appearance. They are a Yamaha dealer and have a shop on campus during camp for supplies and repairs. Tarpley also is prominent in the region during contests.

The WTAMU Band Camp is very appreciative of Yamaha and Tarpley for their support of music education.

Dr. Garner and Mr. Gardner (not related).

Dr. Garner (father) joins Dr. Garner (son) in a trio. (They are related.)

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures. This is the brass choir rehearsal before the concert.

Dr. Garner in directors band with soloist Dr. Brad Garner.


Finally, some more pictures from the 7 pm concert. Pick your favorite.

This is the end of Tuesday.