July 7, 2015

Tuesday is our first regular day. There are a couple of 7:45 am classes. This is Mr. Reimund's breathing class.

On the east side of the fine arts complex was the drum majoring class.

I missed taking pictures of the morning classes, but I'll try to do better tomorrow. Here is a picture of high school clarinet ensemble. They're laughing at me. I'm OK. My mother told me that there would be days like this. She didn't tell me that there would be so many of them!

We're getting close to the end of the high school clarinet ensemble. (I'm just giving you a reminder of where we are in this adventure.) Do you see the one hiding? I'm not using a flash. Do you see the one who is worried? I'm not using an exploding camera for these shots.

Now it's 1:45 pm. This is Mr. Worosello and the woodwind ensemble. These are the top players in our camp.

Check out the picture above. He has a reed selection. That's why he's in the top band! Remember that, kids, if you want to get ahead in life.

This is high school conducting. (They're laughing at me again, mother.)

This is the high school assembly in Northen Recital Hall. Another of my trademark drawings. Blurred! Did I tell you about the time I was in basic training in 1967? We had to shoot an M-16. I think they gave us 60 bullets and we had to shoot from different positions: left handed, behind our heads, upside down, etc. (They told me I was training for guerrilla warfare.) Anyway, we had to have 40 hits in the target. The guys on either side of me earned marksmanship because of my help!) My target was short of the required 40, but I had a pencil to make up for the difference. I showed the sergeant the 40 holes and he let me go. This is a true story. The statute of limitations has passed, but that's why I can't take good pictures. (You probably knew that I'd have an excuse for poor picturing. And it had to be a really good reason. Well, there it is.)

Today's band contest had students pulling tissues from a box using only one hand. What I learned is that band campers make more of a mess in the tissue box than cats do.

At 4:30, various faculty put on clinics and workshops for the camp. Here is Mr. Worosello talking about beginning clarinet and he's going beyond the usual tips and tricks.

Also at 4:30 are the three jazz bands. Students audition on the first full day of camp when they do their band auditions. Mr. Hinds has the second band in Northen Recital Hall.

One good, one bad, one good, one bad. That's batting .500, which is better than your favorite baseball team is doing! Next is high school leadership taught by Mrs. O'Bryant and Ms. Coplan.

The musical T*E*X*A*S is one of the off-campus events for campers. Load 'em up.

Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, WT marching band director, and director of the high school symphonic band this week, sent some pictures. Don't be surprised with their clarity. Remember, he has an iPhone6. Here are some campers.

And that's the end of Tuesday.