July 16, 2015

Let's start Thursday with concert flutes.

Junior honor oboes. They said I already took their picture, but I don't remember doing that. As a matter of fact everything is running together. If I already took a picture of them, then look how much they've grown in the last two weeks.

This is Mr. Carroll and the white band percussionists.

I went over to Jarrett Hall and found these pictures.  Junior varsity band horns.

Junior varsity euphoniums and tubas.

One of them had a rest stop just 15' from his destination.

Junior concert saxophones.

Junior varsity trombones.

Junior varsity trumpets.

Third hour junior symphonic horns.

Junior symphonic euphoniums and tubas.

Junior varsity saxophones. The young lady on the left wanted me to retake the picture after fixing hair on top of the head. I did the best I could with my hair, but I don't know how that affeted taking a picture of the saxophones.

Oh, she was right. That's much better.

Ms. Lenhart works with the saxophones.

Junior symphonic trombones.

Junior symphonic trumpets.

At 1:30 all the 1:45 ensembles performed for each other. I was with the junior high school campers in the Branding Iron Theatre.

The next set is clarinet ensemble I.

Dr. Teweleit has some scenes from around campus.

Mr. Witcher, Panhandle band director, made breakfast for the facutly/staff.

This is facing west toward Northen Hall.

The east side of the fine arts complex.

The clock tower.

Old Main.

Looking north with Northen Hall on the left and the fine arts complex straight ahead.

The fountain north of Old Main.

The directors band performed at 3:30 for the entire camp.

Dr. Brad Garner was the soloist with the band. Again, a special thanks to the Yamaha Corporation of America, Tarpley Music, and WTAMU band organizations Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi for their sponsorship.

A faculty jazz combo performed in the cafeteria for the campers.

Dr. Teweleit sent pictures from the directors band concert.

And here are pictures from the camp ball.

These might all who survived the breathing class.

The 1:30 high school ensemble performances in Northen Recital Hall.

The honor band woodwind rehearsal earlier Thursday morning. (This is what they call a flashback in posting HTML pages on the Web.)

And back to the 1:30 performances.

This must have been Monday's band director workshop with Mr. Rath and his father.

Back to the 1:30 high school performances.

That's all, folks!