July 9, 2015

We'll start with some first hour clases in outlying areas. (Anything more than 500 feet from my cell is considered outlying areas.) Here we have junior concert band horns. They're rehearsing in a lobby in Jarrett Hall.

Mr. Witcher has the euphoniums and tubas.

Mr. Freeman is working with the junior symphonic saxophones.

Junior concert trombones.

Junior concert trumpets.

While the brass instruments (trumpets, horns, trombones, euphoniums, and tubas) from junior concert band have like-instrument sectionals, the woodwinds have a combined sectional. Here is the junior concert band woodwinds.

Mr. Elsner has the percussion section in a room adjacent to the large band reheasal location.

Next, we move to the mirror room where the junior symphonic band rehearses. This is the brass sectional.

My camera is out of film. I'll go get some more and we'll continue later.

Here are some 1:45 pm pictures. We have a lot of different classes and student get to choose. Some are auditioned, like the high school percussion ensemble I. WTAMU professor Dr. Tariq is their conductor.

High school percussion ensemble II with Mr. Carroll.

High school percussion ensemble III with Mr. Mears.

Mr. Barney leads the jazz improvisation II class.

Mr. Hinds leads the jazz improvisation I class.

This is the junior high school percussion ensemble II. Mrs. Freeman conducts this group.

Oops! Well, something is better than nothing. Not by much. These campers are a lot more focused that what they appear.

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, the bands competed in the human knot activity. I've never seen so many amoeba tricks where two students grabs each other's hand. Where's the challenge in that? That's why I wish sometimes that we had three hands. That would add a new dimension to this game.

I went to the Virgil Henson Activities Center at 4 pm. There's a swimming facility that has a water slide, a lazy pool, a shallow pool for little kids, and open swimming.

There are also racquetball courts.


The twirlers have an optional afternoon class as well.

Today's intrmural competition was basketball. Campers earn points for their band. The junior high and high school band with the most points get a pizza party on the night of the camp ball (July 16).

I've got to go to the store to get the last pictures developed before calling it a day. Be back soon.

We had a 7 pm attendance check at the AC. One of the evening activities is bingo for those who don't like to go to the dance or do other things in the activities center. Here are some bingo players..

Bingo callers.

In the all-purpose room there is a raised walking/running track. Some of the campers were playing basketball or knock out.

That's all for today.