July 5, 2015

This is actually the Saturday before camp. Here's a preview. There are two main buildings that we use during camp. The music office is in the Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex.

As students get closer to the building, it gets larger. There's a path between the fine arts complex and Mary Moody Northen (that's spelled correctly) Hall, the other main bulding. We actually use several buildings, and the university tries to accommodate our needs.

While I'm here, this is looking west and you can see the northwest entrance into Northen Hall.

Turning back to the fine arts complex, the door says that this is the "F" building. Northen is the "N" building to make it easier for campers to find their way around.

It's 7 am on Sunday morning and the work crew, the backbone of our camp, is ready to make airport runs and move equipment. They started on Wednesday and they still look fresh. From left to right, it's Aaron, Danella, Jacob, Brad, and Chance.

When the campers arrive, they'll want to practice, so there are practice rooms in the fine arts complex on the second floor. (Text them that it's F-253 as the room number.)

The music office is at the top of the stairs in the fine arts complex. If campers want to change their 1:45 pm class, this is the place. If they've lost something, then it will be in the student events office in Northen.

Now we're outside the "N" building looking southeast.

FYI for parents who stayed in Stafford Hall when they went to band camp, Stafford Hall is still standing. The rooms still get up to nearly 100 degrees in the summer, but everyone now is in air-conditioned residence halls. Parents, tell your children about those pioneer days, about crossing from the old fine arts building on chairs after a rain that turned the driveway into a raging river.

Now we're at the entrance to Northen Hall.

Once inside, if you turn to your right, the organ studio is the student events office. That's where lost-and-found is kept or you can purhase Wonderland/TEXAS tickets, have your nametag repaired or replaced.

Students will go into the atrium and then line up at this table to be given their registration packet and begin the registration process.

On the wall is a list of classes and a masterlist of audition times and places. The list was created on Tuesday, so there are already changes. A new list will be posted Monday morning.

Looking back toward the west, you can see the different lines. Parents, I hope you coached your child on the letter that begins his/her last name. The children have been out of school for a month now!

With packet in hand, the camper will enter the recital hall.

Students will proceed to the stage. We'll take their picture and create a nametag.

They'll exit the back of the recital hall and continue up the ramp.

They'll be given a band camp T-shirt.

Then they'll snake into the band room where they can purchase Wonderland/TEXAS tickets or sign up for private lessons.

The Gold Card office will be at the tables in case someone wants to put money on the band camp card.

Here is the line just before registration opens.

Sculpture and glassworks outside Northen Hall.

Inside the recital hall.

Happy workers assembling nametags.

Andrew the Picture Taker.

A view in the band room for private lesson sign-ups.

At 8 pm, the band camp director met with residential campers and resident assistants.

That's all for now.