July 11, 2015

Saturday is a regular day for us at camp. There are band rehearsals in the morning. When the students go to the individual instrument classes, there are chair tryouts for the second week of camp. It gives campers a chance to improve their chair placement from last Monday's auditions. The chair placements will take effect on Sunday afternoon. Here the horns are in the hall while the person trying out is in the classroom.


The high school honor band is having it's brass/percussion sectional during second hour. It appears that the double bass player is in yet another place!

Clarinet auditons; clarinets stand at the ready.

Clarinetists standing.

Mr. Diamon is rehearsing the junior high varsity band woodwinds in the fine arts complex Happy State Bank Studio Theatre.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Gilreath have the high school white band in Northen Recital Hall.

Junior high school honor band clarinets await results.

Dr. Teweleit has the high school symphonic band in N-1010, the band room.

Back to the recital hall and the white band.

At noon, I'll record chair tryouts and then we'll start band concerts.

Ready for the concerts. I'm in the Branding Iron Theatre in the fine arts complex. The first band is the junior high school varsity band with Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Diamond.

Junior high school concert band. Mr. and Mrs. Cooley were their directors this week.

Ms. O'Bryant and Mrs. Mitchell conducted the junior high school symphonic band.

The high school white band with Mr. Gilreath and Mr. Ellis.

And the last band was the high school maroon band. Their directors were Mr. Alfaro and Mr. Eaks.

We were finished by 7 pm, so the students still had time for the dance and fun in the activities center.