July 13, 2015

Dr. Brad Garner is our Yamaha Corporation of America guest artist. Here he talks to the first-period flute students. We'll have more pictures throughout camp.

Here are some 1:45 pm pictures. This is the junior high school rhythmic reading class using Rhythm Bee. Ms. Pecht is their instructor.

Mr. Swails leads the high school campers.

Dr. Manfredi works with the brass choir in the Branding Iron Theatre stage.

Next is the theory II class with Mrs. Brooks.

Ms. Jarrett has the junior high horn ensemble.

And Dr. Brooks has he theory I campers.

At the 3 pm junior high school assembly, the contest was to pick up tiny marshmallows with chop sticks.

Dr. Brad Garner rehearses with the directors band. His father, Dr. Gary Garner, conducts the ensemble.

A flute ensemble rehearses in Northen atrium.

Chop sticks at the high school assembly.

After the 3 pm assembly.

At 7 pm the camp faculty performed for the students. Here Mr. Barger and Mr. Freeman perform Steven Galante's Saxsounds III.

A clarinet quintet in Jozsef Balogh's Episodes from the Crescent Moon.

The horn ensemble did a tribute to James Horner by playing pieces from his film score Titanic.

A woodwind quintet did a setting of one movement arrangement from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet.

Mr. Reimund played Gregson's Tuba Concerto. Mrs. Abassova was the accompanist for the evening.

Mrs. Crutchfield and Mr. Garcia teamed up for the second movement of Poulenc's Trio.

A brass quintet performed three movements of a Grainger Suiite.

Ms. Welch played Clarke's Zoom Tube

Mr. Hughes and Ms. Eiben played the second movement of Madeleine Dring's Trio. Mrs. Hughes accompanied.

Dr. Shanks played Rabe's Basta!

And Dr. Lewis ended the rectial with Levy's Grand Russian Fantasia.

And that's it for eighth day of camp.

And just when you thought it was over, Dr. Teweleit sent more pictures of Monday. He must have been in the balcony.

The brass quintet, up close and personal.

At 3:30 pm, the camp faculty form a band. They'll play for the students this Thursday. Dr. Brad Garner is the Yamaha clinician this year, so the band is rehearsing the piece that he will solo.

Each band is supposed to make a poster, so here are some students working on theirs.

This is definitely the end of Monday (unless someone else offers some more pictures).