July 6,2015

It's Monday morning. All the campers are auditioned for band placement. Here are the bass clarinets.



Flutes on the right and clarinets on the left.



Warm-up inside the recital hall.

Here is the student events office.

Sarah (left) and Elaine manage this office.



This is not staged and this young man had no idea that I had a camera.

They asked to have their picture taken. Why? I don't know.


Junior high school trumpets.


At 3 pm, all the junior high school students gathered in Northen Recital Hall to be introduced to their band directors. The had an hour rehearsal then a dinner break. This first picture is one of the honor campers. They are one of the top chairs in the high school bands and were selected last year to occupy a leadership position for this year's band camp.

Yes, I often take fuzzy pictures to give you a soft feeling for the children you left behind. (By the way, they're having a great time here.)

Here is the high school assembly at 4 pm prior to their first rehearsal.

Mr. Lefevre, camp director.

I walked around to a couple of the rehearsals. This is the junior high school honor band. It rehearses in Legacy Hall.

Next I visited the junior high school varsity band in the Happy State Bank Studio Theatre, which is located on the northeast side of the fine arts complex.

While Mr. Diamond was rehearsing the band, Mr. Montgomery was assigning parts to the percussion section.

Mr. Alfaro is working with the high school maroon band in the fine arts complex, room 227.

Dr. Garner has the high school honor band in the Branding Iron Theatre in the fine arts complex.

To finish up, all the bands had a 7 pm rehearsal. This is the junior concert band in the activities center. This is where the evening dances are held.

Next door, Mrs. Mitchell directs the junior symphonic band. Our arrangement is that the honors band is the top band followed by symphonic, concert and varsity. For the high schools it's honor, symphonic, concert, maroon, and white. (Maroon and white are WT's colors.) When I was at the the high school assembly, Mr. Lefevre asked for campers who were first chairs at their school to raise their hands. A majority of the hands went up. His point was that not everyone can make the honor band, but the other bands are going to have some very fine players.

Texas lawmakers passed an open carry bill during this legislative session. Musicians interpret it differently.

Now we're in the band room in Northen Hall. Mr. Kasper is helping the trumpets with their rhythm.

Dr. Teweleit. He'll be providing pictures during camp. He has an iPhone6, like on TV. I'm still using pencil and paper to draw my pictures.

Mr. Eaks is working with the maroon band brass and percussion.

And Mr. Alfaro directs the woodwinds.

Mr. Gilreath and the white band.

Let's call it a day.