July 17, 2015

Last day of camp. This is how it started.

I was in the Branding Iron Theatre. Here is the junior varsity band doing a selfie. I'm photographing a group taking a selfie. Who knows. In a couple of years I might just have started a new fad. I don't use a cell phone except for the two weeks of band camp. A couple of years ago, I was asked to take a picture of my family on my wife's cell phone. (They didn't want me in the picture.) I accidentally got the camera on the phone turned in the wrong direction, and that's how I invented the selfie. My family thought it was funny; I was just thinking that I'm a man ahead of my time!

Getting in some last-minute internet access before the concert.

Junior concert band.

Junior symphonic band.

Dr. Brooks conducts the piece he arranged specifically for the junior symphonic band.

High school white band.

High school maroon band.

Dr. Teweleit sent pictures throughout the day. This first one is the honor band rehearsal.

This one is not.

Tis one is.

Camp ball remnants.

I don't know when this was taken, but it looks like the honor band saxophones with Mr. Barger.

This appears to be a warm-up in Northen 1010. Mr. Whitaker is conducting, so it must be the maroon band.

This is in the recital hall, so this is a different band.

Waiting for the bus.

The bus just passed them. See them in the distance?

The next pictures might be junior honor band.

Commercial break. Changing of the guard.

Now we're ready for the high school concert band.

We might be at the high school symphonic band now.

High school honor band.

Getting ready for the Kalinnikov in the balcony.

After the concerts.

And that's the end of my story. Sorry it took two weeks to tell, but it was worth it. We hope to see you next year.