July 10, 2015

There is a director's lounge with refreshments to keep the blood sugars elevated. At least at higher level thatn the campers.

I went to check on the breathing class at 7:45 to see how many were still breathing. Mr. Reimund told me to come back in 15 minutes.

So I went to the east side of the fine arts complex—968 steps without a fitbit—to see the drum major class. Mr. Villanueva and Ms. Coplan are the instructors.

998 steps back (it's slightly uphill the way I walk). They are practicing breathing with balloons. They were supposed to have steady inflation and they did it several times with different preparation counts. Then they put the balloon over their mouthpiece and just fill the balloon with air. Next they buzzed (woodwind player just did the best they could) and it was like a P.D.Q. Bach symphony. It was a beautiful sound.

That was a lot of fun.

Hallway fun.

Retake. They claim they weren't ready for that first one. Aren't they cute?

I did some first-period pictures while I was out. These are the concert band oboes.

Mrs. Anderson and the junior honor band oboes.

Mr. Lough's white band trumpets. The young lady was pretending that she was sad/tired/bored/? but she snapped out of it when I took a picture (which you can't see because it was after the fact).

Mr. Dixon and the white band horns.

Mr. Sanchez's junior honor band clarinets.

Junior symphonic bassoons with Mr. Cameron.

Dr. Carpenter has the concert band bassoons.

And we'll stop for now with the junior honor flutes.

During second period, Mrs. Rohus has the junior concert flutes in Cousins Lobby.

And in the ballroom, Mr. King has the clarinets.

Lunch time! Here's some cookies and cupcakes.

And for the second course, cookies and cupcakes.

Vegetables? Cookies and cupcakes.

One-a-day vitamins!

On the hot food table, they had lasagna, chicken fried steak, potatoes, gravy, broccoli/cauliflower, and corn.

There's a pizza line.

Hamburgers and hot dogs and French fries.

Toppings and fixins' for a sandwich (ham, turkey, tuna spread).

A grilled cheese sandwich maker.

Fresh fruit.

Salad and toppings.

Friend enjoying lunch. (The didn't say they would be my friends. I just assumed they would.)

Now we're at the 1:45 classes. This is Mrs. Rohus and the junior high flute ensemble.

Mrs. Henson and the high school flute II ensemble.

Oboe reed making. This is a humanitarian project to send good reeds to underdeveloped, third world countries. How do you know that what I just said is a lie? Oboists never give away a good reed. They don't ever have a good reed, and if they did, they wouldn't admit it.

The high school flute I ensemble with Dr. Eiben.

Can you hear the piccolo solo? I did.

Drum major class. There are a ton of them. I didn't know which one to follow.

Horn choir with Mrs. Casso. Oh, oh. I just went fuzzy.

At the 3 pm junior high school assembly, the game was a variation of musical chairs and Simon says. The campers were in teams of two. When the music played everyone had to walk around the stage and had to stay far away from their partner. When the music stopped, the announcer would call out "finger on nose" and the students would have to find their partner and put a finger on their partner's nose. The last couple to accomplish the task was eliminated.

The next pictures are from the high school assembly. It must be something about table manners and being able to pass things with your feet.

A wandering troubadour. A very common sight in 13th-century West Texas, but not so much these days.

At 7 pm, the camp gathered for the talent show. Ms. Welch and Ms. Lewis MC'd the event.

Broom man dropped in.

Frankie performed the national anthem a cappella.

There was a piano duet of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

Sharon tapped her way across the stage.

Hannah and Suzie.


Steven played Joplin.

The troubadour and his sister sang a duet.

Kung fu.


And the last group was New Crew.

The panel of judges awarded first place to Frankie, second to New Crew, and third to Kung fu.

The end (of today).