July 16, 2014

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures from yesterday.

And last Saturday. This is the high school honor band.

This is the high school honor band. Mr. Lefevre conducts the band during the second week. They rehearse in the Branding Iron Theatre. We call it the BIT.

Andrew is the soloist for the second week of concerts.

Dr. Garner rehearsing the directors band with Dr. Bough.

Mr. Worosello and the woodwind choir from last night's performance.

Mr. Gardner and Dr. Bough during their part of the program.

Are you curious about the 7:45 am breathing class? Me too. There are a few who are holding strong. The funny thing about this is that when I went to the masterclass, Dr. Bough listened to a young man play and then talked to him about how he took in air and how he expended the air and how, if he breathed correctly, it would improve his sound. Breathing is important. Especially to those of us who live on the earth.

I went around to some first-period classes. This is the high school maroon band in Northen Recital Hall.

Junior high school honor band flutes with Dr. Eiben.

High school honor band clarinets with Mr. Storey.

Dr. Bough with the first-hour euphoniums and tubas.

Mr. Lefevre with the high school honor band brass and percussion.

I might be in third period now. If I am, then this is the high school honor band trumpets. If I'm not, then these are still trumpets.

High school symphonic band saxophones.

High school maroon trombones.

High school white band saxophones.

High school symphonic band oboes. Mrs. Crutchfield is showing them how to tie a reed.

High school symphonic band bassoons and Dr. Cameron.

High school marron band trumpets with Mr. Anderson.

High school maroon band horns with Ms. Garcia.

High school white band clarinets.

High school white band brass and percussion sectional in Northen Recital Hall.

This picture is bad, but the back-up was worse. And you say, "How can that be?" If you knew my abilities, you wouldn't ask the question. When I was in the air force basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio and had to shoot an M-16, the guys to my right and left earned marksmanship awards and I had to use a pencil in my target so that I didn't have to do that shooting again. I needed 40 holes out of 60 bullets. Bullets did 75% of the work for me, but I had to do the rest by myself. It's been downhill since then.

Dr. Teweleit rehearses the high school concert band in the band room of the west addition to Mary Moody Northen Hall.

Mr. Collins works with the high school symphonic band brass and percussion.

Mr. Hinds and the high school maroon band woodwinds.

Mr. Gilley and the junior high school honor band.

Now we're over in the Fine Arts Complex to catch the high school symphonic band flutes in the FAC Recital Hall.

Mr. Storey and the high school symphonic band clarinets.

Across the hall are the high school white band flutes with Dr. Eiben.

Dr. Bough's masterclass with students in third period sectionals.

Junior high school varsity band brass and percussion.

The high school symphonic band bass clarinets with Mrs. DuBois.

Junior high school varsity band oboes.

Mr. Swails and the high school white band bass clarinets.

The high school white band bassoons.

Now it's 3 pm and we're at the junior high school assembly at the BIT. First up is the high school horn ensemble with Ms. Casso.

Then Mr. Harris had a saxophone ensemble.

Mr. Sanchez's junior high school clarinet ensemble I played.

Finally, Mr. Barney and the jazz band III played for the campers.

The game was a relay race. Each student was given a balloon. The object was to run to a chair, sit on the balloon to pop it, and run back to the line in order to send the next student on the team.

At the 7 pm assembly, the brass choir performed.

Dr. Bough was a soloist.

Collin was awarded a trophy for being the outstanding member of the ensemble.

Then the directors jazz band performed.

They were really good, as was the brass choir.