July 9, 2014

Here is the drum major class that starts at 7:45 am.

And the breathing class.

One of the things that campers miss most during these two weeks is world news. Here are two campers catching up.

Social media face-to-face.

At 9 am, I'm busy taking attendance reports. I broke away during the second hour to catch some poses. Here are some hand drawings of the junior high school varsity band trumpets. They're in Jarrett Lobby. We're not using Jarrett for living space, but Residential Living was kind enough to allow us to use some spaces for sectional rehearsals.

Sorry about taking pictures into the light. Just get used to it.

An action shot.

Mrs. Casso and the jh varsity horns.

One young camper is practicing reading. I can see the others (and they can see me).

Junior high school concert band saxophones with Mr. Harris.

Mr. Witcher and the jh varsity euphoniums and tubas.

JH varsity trombones.

Mr. Elsner is working with the jh varsity percussion section. They rehearse upstairs in the cafeteria in the "glass room."

Mr. and Mrs. Cooley are directing the junior high school concert band this week. This is the brass and percussion sectional.

Then I went to the mirror room in the activity center and walked into the junior high school symphonic band. This was the full band rehearsal.

We did our 1:45 classes (no pictures yet, but wait for it......). Here's the 3 pm high school assembly in Northen Recital Hall.

The game today was to pull out tissue with one hand, one tissue at a time. Man, I wish I had some insider information yesterday on Kleenex stock. I'll bet it rose in the stock market today!

This is the 3:30 college prep theory class. It's an elective, but some of these students want to get a head start.

Also at 3:30 is the directors band. The camp faculty play in the band. It's lead by Dr. Garner, WTAMU professor emeritus and universally reknown director.

Here we are at the student events office. This is where lost and found is located. It's where campers can vote on director of the day and so forth.

Ms. Tretow was on duty.

At 4:30 there are three jazz bands rehearsing. This is jazz band III.

And jazz band I. Mr. Storey directs this ensemble.

At 7 pm there were masterclasses for all the instruments. Faculty at the camp led the meeting.

Dr. Tariq rehearses the high school percussion ensemble I.

Mr. Mears talks about the bass drum.

The oboes.

Dr. Manfredi rehearses the high school brass choir.

The bassoons.

 The flutes.

The clarinets.

Mr. Worosello and the high school woodwind ensemble.