July 15, 2014

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures from yesterday. This is probably just before the 3 pm or 7 pm assembly. We'll call this section "Hanging Out."

Tuesday morning, first period classes. These are the junior high school concert band trumpets in Jarret Lobby with Mr. McEntyre.

Junior high school concert band horns.

Junior high school symphonic band saxophones.

Junior high school concert band trombones.

Junior high school concert band percussionists reading the daily bulletin.

Junior high school symphonic flutes with Mrs. Henson in Cousins Lobby.

Junior high school symphonic band clarinets with Mrs. McEntyre.

Mr. Montgomery conducts the junior high school concert band woodwinds.

Now we're off to the activity center mirror room for the junior high school symponic band brass and percussion ensemble rehearsal.

Ms. O'Bryant is helping the euphoniums.

We have a guest artist on campus this week. It's Dr. Thomas Bough from Northern Illinois University. He's  Yamaha Corporation of America clinician. Tarpley's Music is also a sponsor of his visit. We are extremely grateful to Yamaha and Tarpley's. He is doing a masterclass for the first period tubas/euphoniums this morning.

I went to outlying sites to get some 1:45 pictures. Here is the high school saxophone ensemble that rehearses in Cousins Ballroom.

Junior high school clarinet ensemble I in Cousins Lobby.

High school trumpet ensemble II in Shirley Lobby.

Junior high school percussion ensemble I with Mr. Elsner. They're working on a piece for plastic buckets and tin cans. It was pretty neat.

Mr. Lowe with the junior high school trumpet ensemble. Mr. McEntyre is assisting.


Sorry again.

Mr. Walsh with the high school trombone ensemble in the activity center ballroom.

Junior high school trombone ensemble in the activity center mirror room.

Just before 3 pm assembly, the high school horn ensemble played in Northen atrium.

The high school percussion ensemble II performed at the 3 pm high school assembly. (Bad light. Bad photographer.)

The two high school honor band bass clarinets and the two bass clarinet teachers played "That's a Plenty."

The game was Red Light, Green Light.

Campers working on their band poster for the contest.

(I'm sure they think I'm stealing their ideas [or maybe it's the start of one of those looks I always get]).

The directors jazz band will perform Wednesday at the 7 pm assembly. Dr. Teweleit conducts the group.

Oops! I got fuzzy again.

Mr. Lefevre introduces the high school percussion I ensemble for Tuesday night's assembly. Dr. Tariq is the conductor of the ensemble.

The high school woodwind ensemble. These are the top players at our camp. Mr. Worosello is their conductor.

Mr. Bob Conway is the district manager for Yamaha Corporation of America. He came to campus to introduce his clinician Dr. Thomas Bough. (We found out it's pronounced Boo like the Halloween boo.)

Dr. Bough played a recital for the campers. Mr. Gardner accompanied on the piano.

Dr. Teweleit was taking pictures, so I might post more later.