July 8, 2014

Tuesday is our first regular day. In the morning campers will have a full band rehearsal, a woodwind or brass/percussion sectional, and a sectional with like instruments. This is second hour in the Fine Arts Complex. We start with Mrs. DuBois and the high school honor band bass clarinets.

Junior high school oboes. And what a happy group they are.

Mr. Hughes and a very happy camper (and she's in the same room as the previous photo).

Mr. Swails with the high school maroon bass clarinets.

Mr. Walsh's high school concert band trombones.

Dr. Manfredi's high school concert band horns.

Presenting the high school maroon band bassoons. (They were being supervised at the time. That's why they are behaving.)

Dr. Lewis' high school concert band euphoniums and tubas.

 (Some more happy campers except for the two who are hiding.)

Dr. Garner's high school honor band brass/percussion sectional in the Branding Iron Theatre.

Mr. Storey and the high school honor band clarinets.

Ms. Eiben and the high school maroon band flutes.

Ms. Blackburn and the high school honor band flutes in the Fine Arts Complex recital hall.

Mr. Diamond working with the junior high school varsity band clarinets.

And the rest of the woodwinds in the junior high school varsity band.

At 3 pm we have an assembly for junior high school students and one for high school students. This is the junior high school. We do announcements, a band competition game, and performances later in the week.

Today's game was to mummify a camper with toilet paper.

Here's the final product. (Eventually, you'll get used to fuzzy photos. I specialize in them.)

At 7 pm buses loads of campers went to the TEXAS outdoor musical drama in Palo Duro Canyon.

We'll call that a day and start again in the morning.