July 17, 2014

Dr. Teweleit had some pictures from Wednesday night.

The 7:45 am drum major class still has participants.

It's time to start 9 am classes. We had some rain overnight. This child is going to be late to first period!But he is carrying his case.

Here are the high school symphonic band horns. They're reading the daily bulletin. First time this summer for some.

Junior high school honor band bassoons working hard!

Mr. Walsh and the high school symphonic band trombones.

The high school concert band flutes with Ms. Rohus and Mrs. Blackburn.

The junior high school honor band brass section is warming up doing stretching and breathing exercises.

High school concert band saxophones.

High school white band trumpets.

High school white band horns.

Junior high school honor band clarinets.

Junior high school honor band oboes with Mrs. Anderson. (I'm getting one of those annoyed looks coming my way. Do you see it or is it only my imagination?)

High school honor band trombones with Mr. Walsh.

Dr. Bough's masterclass during the third hour.

At 1:30 all the ensembles played for each other. I was in the Branding Iron Theatre with the junior high school ensembles. This is percussion II. Ms. McDivitt was their teacher.

Mr. Elsner's percussion I.

Here are the trombones. Ms. Pecht was their conductor.

Ms. Garcia conducted the horns.

Trumpets. Mr. Lough is the conductor.

Mrs. McEntyre conducted the charinet II ensemble the second week. Mr. King led the group the first week and helped on bass clarinet during the second.

Dr. Eiben taught the flute ensemble and Mrs. Henson assisted.

Mr. Sanchez was the conductor for clarinet I.

The saxophones were directed by Mr. Harris.

This might have been in the morning. It's Mr. Sheffield conducting. They might be playing Mr. Rath's piece. (He's standing behind Mr. Sheffield.) And Dr. Bough, who is a composer, is also listening and following a score.

Mr. Whitaker and the high school concert band.

Here are the 3 o'clock ensemble performances in Northen Hall for the high school students. Dr. Takacs and trumpet I.

The clarinets.

Mr. Barger and the saxophones.

At 3 pm the directors band played. Dr. Garner conducted.

Dr. Bough played a solo with the band, a piece that he composed.

Since it was the last day of 1:45 classes, there were trophies awarded for marching band, rhythmic reading, jazz improvisation, and so forth.

At 5:30, Mr. Hinds, Mr. Barney, and friends did jazz at the cafeteria.


Here are some pictures from the camp ball.








That's all, folks!