July 10, 2014

Second hour shots. This is Stafford Lobby where Mr. Reimund and the junior high school honor band euphoniums and tubas are practicing.

Mr. Carroll and the jh honor band percussion.

The high school symphonic band conducted by Dr. Teweleit and Mr. Worosello.

Ms. Streit and Mrs. Denny with the hs maroon band brass and percussion sectional.

Mr. Vaughn and Mr. Collins with the hs concert band sectional.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Gilreath are with the hs white band in a full band rehearsal.

Mr. King is working with the hs maroon band clarinets.

There's a concerned look for you! That's the way most people look at me. I'm used to it, but I need to explain it to you.

Mr. Dixon with the jh honor band horns.

Mr. Lough and the jh honor band trumpets without Mr. Lough. Oops!

Mr. Barger and the hs honor band saxophones.

Mr. Myers has the jh honor band trombones.

These are the hs maroon band saxophones. Mr. Barney is their teacher.

Ms. Anderson and her hs maroon oboes.

Here starts the 1:45 pm classes. This is hs percussion ensemble II.

HS (or hs) percussion ensemble II.

Mr. Carroll, who is texting me that everyone is at the rehearsal. (And I'm standing right there! No one ever pays any attention to me. And when they do, they give me a quizzical look. You know what I'm talking about. You've seen it before.)

Junior high school percussion  ensemble II.

This is Mr. Barney's jazz improvisation class.

Mr. Hinds' jazz improvisation class.

The music theory class.

Mrs. Brooks is giving away candy for correct answers. That's the way to learn!

Mr. Dixon instructing the junior high school horn ensemble. They played Star Wars for me.

Maybe is wasn't for me. Maybe I was only in the room when they were playing it. I'd like to think that they dedicated it to me.

Another music theory class for more advanced students.

Oboe reedmaking class.

No bloodshed........yet.

Mr. Harris has the junior high school saxophone ensemble.

Here is the second junior high school clarinet ensemble.

In the atrium is the poster for the band pizza party contest. The high school bands compete against one another and the junior high school bands do the same. The winning band gets a pizza party on Thursday, July 17, at dinner time. The games at the 3 o'clock assemblies, and intramurals, and designing the band poster earns points. I guess these are the markers.

Dr. Garner's face got away and is on a window two panels away. Isn't is amazing what the face can do when it's pressed to its limits?

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, the game was to toss a shoe with your foot and try to land the shoe on the table. Mr. Rivera demonstrated first. He said he has had athlete's foot for six months, but the toss sure didn't look like an athlete toss. Anyway, the fumes from the barefoot contestants knocked out the first two rows of spectators, but the game went on. I just held my breath for the ten minutes it took before there was a winner.

I went over to the activity center at 4 pm. There are a lot of things for students to do there.

There are racquetball courts. Normally, the players stand beside each other. Today they were hitting the balls at each other like dodge ball. An interesting concept. You can get more speed off the racquet and you'll really know when it hits you.

Hold it in front of your face!

This is what is looks like when contact is made.

10 minutes later.

It was intramural basketball today. Campers signed up to play for their band.

I wanted to play but I didn't see anyone that was my age, and being a gentleman, I didn't want to take advantage of the little kids. A couple of the campers were playing as well as NBA 50 years when the guy is 75 years old!

There's a bowling alley in the basement. It costs, but the price is very reasonable. That's where I hide when someone challenges me to a basketball game.

There's also a swimming area. It's open to the community but our campers can use it too. Obviously, the shallow end is where I spend most of my time.

There's a slide and lazy river.

And an open area.

There's a workout room, but students have to be 18 in order to use it.

The AC also has a rock wall, but we don't allow campers to use it. You're welcome! We want to return your son or daughter in one piece and not have to send boxes of Mr. Potato Head parts.

I went to the cafeteria. It wasn't open yet, but let me show you around.

Students come in a swipe their band camp card in the card reader. The first thing they see are the deserts: cookies, cup cakes.

And ice cream. (The fruit is just table decoration..........[in my opinion]).

And that's the end of dinner.

Not really. They have a steam table, so there's a hot meal here, like a meat or spaghetti and vegetables. The student gets a portion, but there's no limit to returns.

There's a pizza area.

There's a grill for hamburgers and hot dogs.

There's a nachos cheese sauce,  chili, and other condiments.

If you want to make a sandwich, they have the fixings. Or if you got a burger, you can supplement here.

Drinks of all kinds and more table decorations.

There's a salad bar. The third picture is fruits. [Fruits are OK to eat if they come out of a can and are smothered in their own heavy syrup juices.]

There's also breakfast cereal or toast.

There are plenty of tables to eat with friends. When the students are finished, they bring their tray to the wash area and place the trey on the conveyor belt. By the time they get home, they'll be properly trained to take their dirty dishes to the sink. You're welcome!

Dr. Teweleit, the assistant camp director, sent me some pictures. I'll guess at what they are. Trumpets.

Junior high school percussion ensemble II.


This must be the high school honor band percussionists. I can see Dr. Tariq in the mirror and I know one of the campers in the next picture.

Tuesday night at TEXAS.

This might be the high school percussion ensemble I.

Somebody's child. In case he hasn't called home yet, know that we have him and he's safe.

The is the brass choir from Wednesday night.

The oboe masterclass from Wednesday night.

Mr. Lough playing for the trumpet masterclass.

The horn masterclass. Look how much fun they're having.

Mr. Reimund talking to the tubas and euphoniums at the masterclass.

The trombone masterclass was in the AC ballroom. That's where the dances are held every evening for the band campers.

The saxophone masterclass was in the AC mirror room.

Bass saxophone fall over. Can't get up.

My camera is out of film. I'll go get some more and we'll continue tomorrow.