July 6, 2014

This is actually the Saturday before camp. Here's a preview. Most campers will arrive at the Northen parking lot and head toward the northwest side of Mary Moody Northen Hall.

As the camper walks, the building becomes larger.

Until the camper is able to see the "Enter Here" sign.

If, however, the camper veers off to the southwest, he will see a "Do Not Enter" sign and will have to return to the parking lot and start over.

Let's pretend on the second attempt, he did it right. (We have staff around looking out for campers who are having trouble making it inside Northen Hall. Don't worry. We're there to help.)

Stop! Before you get too far into the building, look to your right. You'll see the student events office. Remember where it is. That's where lost and found is, where you can nominate your director for "director of the day," to get a nametag replaced, etc.

Now turn your head to 90 degrees to the left so that it is perpendicular to your shoulders. You're looking at the back of the registration packet table. You'll go into the atrium to get in line to pick up your envelope.

If you have questions, the band camp secretary will be to the left of the tables you just saw. (Scroll up if you need to.)

While you are waiting in the atrium, look around. You'll see a master list of classes. Your name is on that list somewhere.

There's also a master list of audition time and places.

After auditions on Monday morning, results will be posted on the windows in the atrium.

OK. Now you are in line. Check personal ID to make sure you are aiming toward the right sign.

The registration packet (envelope) will have a whole bunch of information. It will have your band camp card (that's how you get into your dorm and how you get your meals in the cafeteria), your dorm assignment and room number, your audtion place and time, your 7:45 am, 1:45 pm, 4:30 classes. Remember that 1:45 is required; the others are optional

Once you have the envelope, you'll go into the recital hall.

You'll go onstage. We'll take your picture and make a nametag for you.

Then you will exit the stage and follow the ramp to your right to pick up your band camp T-shirt.

You'll pass through N-1010 to sign up for the TEXAS and Wonderland Park trips and to sign up for private lessons. These are optional.

We're inside N-1010. It's Saturday afternoon, and Mr. Lefevre has a meeting with the Resident Assistants (we call them RAs). These will be the WTAMU music students who will help in the dorms. Virtually every RA was a band camper.

Mr. Lefevre, camp director, is in the center. Ms. Munoz, camp secretary, is to his left. To Mr. Lefevre's right is Mr. Hawkins, who is a dorm supervisor. And at the end of the table is Mr. Johnson, who is the director of student services for the first week of camp.

Once you leave N-1010, the Buffalo Gold Card office will have a desk in case anyone wants to put money on the band camp card for vending machines, etc.

When you are finished, you head to your dorm to check in and get settled. The girls will be in Centennial Hall.

Boys will be in Jones Hall and overflow will be in Shirley. This is Shirley, which is just north of Centennial. And one building north of Shirely is the cafeteria. Jones is behind Shirley, and the activities center is behind Shirley and the cafeteria. All of the dorm areas are air conditioned.

At 9 pm we have a faculty meeting. These are our directors of the five high school and four junior high school bands and section teachers.

Our work crew (or as they say Werc Kru and that's why they're still in school!). They do ALL of the work here at camp. They are, from left to right, Danielle, Chance, Jordan (crew chief), Jacob, and Aaron.

From left to right, Mr. Lefevre, camp director and director of bands at WTAMU; Ms. Munoz, camp secretary; Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, assistant director of bands, and marching band director.

That's all for today.