July 12, 2014

Dr. Teweleit sent some pictures from Friday. This is the junior high school clarinet ensemble II with Mr. King. These are the 1:45 pm classes.

Mr. Harris and the junior high school saxophone ensemble.

Oboe reed making class.

Pictures around campus. The buffalo is the West Texas A&M University's mascot. This is just north of Old Main, the central administration building.

Looking north to the clock tower.

Looking south to Old Main.

This would be the brass choir rehearsal.

Mrs. Blackburn and the high school flute ensemble.

Bassoon reed making. (Notice the band aids!).

She seems to be OK. Holding the knife that way, she only got grazed.

High school clarinet ensemble. (And you wonder how the teacher gets anything done with these kinds of distractions.)

Now we're at Saturday morning. Time to check out the 7:45 drum major class.

Off to breathing class. If you look back a couple of days, you will see that there are a lot fewer students still breathing!

This is second-period junior high school honor band woodwinds with Ms. Haburay and Mrs. Bulloch.

You see that look? I'm telling you I get that all the time!

Ms. Rohus and the junior high school concert band flutes.

Mr. Sanchez and the junior high school concert band clarinets.

In the afternoon and evening we had our first series of band concerts. Here is the junior high school varsity band.

Junior high school concert band.

High school white band.

Junior high school symphonic band.

Junior high school honor band.

High school maroon band.

High school concert band.

High school symphonic band.

High school honor band.

And that's all for today.