July 14, 2014

I didn't get morning pictures, so we start with 1:45 classes. This is the high school trumpet ensemble I.

This is the junior high school flute ensemble. The Canyon News was taking pictures so I took an unprofessional picture of a professional taking pictures. Ms. Eiben is leading the group and Mrs. Henson is assisting.

Mrs. DuBois telling me not to take a picture, but I did it anyway. I couldn't get the signal from my brain to my right-hand index finger fast enough and an accident happened.

She told the high school clarinet ensemble to play an open G so that they would look intelligent. I finally know what my problem is. As soon as I figure out how to play an open G, I'll be normal again.

It took me two full minutes to take enough picutres to get the whole group. They might be intelligent, but they can't hold their breath for two minutes.

Drum major class.

High school horn ensemble.

This is the junior high school rhythmic reading class.

The high school rhythmic reading class.

Brass choir.

High school conducting class with Mr. Nuckols.

Three o'clock junior high assembly did musical chairs.

At the high school assembly four trumpets played an original chorale composition.

Then three of them played Leroy Anderson's Bugler's Holiday accompanied by Greg on the piano, which didn't make it in this picture.

At 7 pm the camp faculty performed a recital for the entire camp. This is Dr. Tariq (percussion) and Dr. Carpenter (bassoon).

A brass quintet performed John Cheetham's Scherzo.

A trombone quarteet.

A horn octet with unseen timpani.

A flute ensemble.

A horn quartet.

Mr. Hughes plays an Emile Paladilhe solo.

Mr. Walsh plays a Launy Grondahl trombone concerto accompanied by Mrs. Abbasova.

Ms. Eiben played a solo flute piece.

Mr. Reimund.

Mrs. Crutchfield and Ms. Albin performed a piece from Leo Delibes.

And Dr. Lewis finished the program with Vittorio Monti's Csardas.

End of Monday.