July 11, 2014

Thursday's show game at the high school assembly.

A recap of yesterday's shoe game at the junior high assembly. (Sports Center always show highlights!)

Talent show auditions were last night and I recognize the wall behind her, so this might have been before she auditioned.

I took three pictures at the dance last night. When the campers saw the flash, they scattered like roaches. I guess they didn't like for me to turn on the light like that.

Now were at Thursday. Here are some first-period classes. (To heck with the attendance.) Mrs. DuBois and the hs concert band bass clarinets. It's the first thing in the morning and they're already smiling.

Junior high school oboes.

Junior high school honor band bass clarinets.

High school symphonic band trumpets.

This is the high school maroon band on stage in Northen Recital Hall. Mrs. Denney is conducting. Ms. Streit is there too. We have two band directors for each band, so that one can walk behind a section that might need some extra help.

Mr. Worosello rehearses the high school symphonic band woodwind sectional.

Mr. Ellis and the high school white band woodwinds.

Mr. Collins leads the high school concert band brass and percussion sectional.

These are the jh symphonic band bassoons.

Dr. Carpenter and the hs concert band bassoons.

Mr. Barney and the jh honor band saxophones.

Mr. Barney is quite an actor!

Get ready. Here come the hs white band trombones.

These are the hs concert band saxophones. (She was just blinking her eyes.)

They're not owls, so they couldn't turn their heads. They probably didn't care that I was there anyway.

The bassoon reed making class had a beauty contest.

And the big winners are:

What we ought to do is keep these campers for a little longer, turn bassoon reed making into a sweat shop, flood the world with bassoon reeds (especially third world countries), and, since the students are under 16, we don't have to pay them. I might have to run this brilliant idea by someone first. What do you think?

I stopped by the high school flute ensemble, which is another one of our 1:45 pm classes. Ms. Blackburn is their instructor.

At the 3 pm assemblies, the group played Simon Says. I didn't get any pictures because Simon didn't say.

But no said I couldn't take pictures at the talent show that evening at 7. Students audition on Thursday night at 6 and the winners advance to Friday's performance.

The judges.

Here are Elizabeth and Emilee singing their version of "She."

Alex and Nathan played a duet.

Laura sang "Toxic." Her performance turned the world upside down. Or, at least, sideways.

Greg played Ravel and won.

Megan sang "Feeling Good." Don't complain about the pictures. You get what you paid for.

Lauren performed a twirling routine for us. She wouldn't stand still for the camera.

Annabeth composed and sang an original song.

Allen danced.

Madalynn performed "Cups."

Ben played a computer game for the audience.

And we ended with 2 Saxes, 2 Dans, & a Drummer that got a lot of audience participation.

While the judges deliberated, the student events crew showed a movie that they made. Click the movie logo if you want to see their block-buster production. (Keep scrolling down if you'd rather not.)
movie logo

Annabeth was awarded a trophy for third place.

Ben, second place.

And the five guys were chosen for first place.

That's how Friday ended (for me).