July 17, 2013

Dr. Teweleit had some photos from yesterday. Mr. Frey will do masterclasses for all the euphonium and tuba campers this week.

"No, mom. I'm fine. Band camp really has given me an appetite though. I feel like I'm eating like a horse."

And then this morning I found these campers eating breakfast.

Back to Dr. Teweleit's pictures.

This is the brass choir rehearsal with Dr. Manfredi. Mr. Adams will perform with the group tonight at the 7 pm concert.

And then he will perform with the directors band on Thursday at 3 pm.

More happy campers.

From Monday night's faculty recital.

Tuesday night's percussion ensemble performance.

Wednesday morning. It's raining again. Who would have thought that a coat would be necessary in July in Canyon, TX? Well, it's true.

I went to the drum major class because I could stay dry. (I hope I don't have to sleep in the building tonight.) Notice that the enrollment has dwindled as the campers become too tired to drag themselves to a 7:45 am class. Here are the hardy survivors.

We have acquired a lake at the southeast corner of the Fine Arts Complex. If the students keep close to where I am standing, there is no water. I saw, however, students wading/splashing/glorying in the lake. I won't tell you their names, but a sneeze will give them away.

Posters were due Tuesday at 5 pm for the band competition. The winning band gets a pizza party on Thursday. Here's high school symphonic band.

High school honor band.

High school concert band.

High school white band.

Junior high school symphonic band.

Junior high school concert band.

Junior high school varsity band.

High school maroon band.

Junior high school honor band.

I happened to come to Northen Atrium later and actually saw the judges judicially judging the posters. The results are 1) high school honor band, 2) white band, and 3) concert band; 1) junior high school varsity band, 2) symphonic band, and 3) honor band.

I hit third period pretty hard today, since I haven't taken many pictures because I'm still figuring out the morning attendance and getting 1:45 pm class rolls ready to distribute. Let's start with my favorite: Mrs. DuBois and the high school symphonic band bass clarinets.

The high school white band bass clarinets.

The high school honor band horns.

High school white band bassoons and one hider.

Reveled. And look how happy he is about the attention he is getting. Do a stare down and see if you can't get him to smile.

Ms. Rowly (Did you hear she's getting married in 10 days? Congrats to the lucky groom. Ms. Rowly is a really nice person.) And there's one naturally happy junior high school varsity oboist and another forcing himself to be happy. What is it about double-reed players?

Mr. Storey and the high school symphonic band clarinets. There's a mirror in that room and they all wanted to be able to see themselves! What is it about reed players? They seem to be having a good time (and there's something seriously wrong with that!).

Ms. Eiben and the high school symphonic band flutes.

The high school white band oboes.

This would be the high school honor band euphoniums and tubas.

The high school honor band trumpets.

These are the high school symphonic band bassoons.

The high school symphonic band oboes.

Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, the band sorority and fraternity, were set up to give incoming freshmen at the camp a pizza lunch and welcome them to WTAMU.

High school white band clarinets. (Maybe it's me that makes some people angers, Some? It's probably the majority.)

Yikes! The high school maroon band horns are already out of their chairs.

The high school maroon band trumpets.

High school white band flutes.

Now we've invaded the high school white band saxophones with Mr. Barney.

The high school maroon band trombones with Ms. Pecht.

The high school symphonic band saxophones with Mr. Barger.

The 3 pm junior high school assembly had the third jazz band perform. Mr. Barney is the conductor.

The junior high school honor band clarinets performed a piece that they worked up by themselves.

They did the cotton ball game.

The student events crew was enjoying the contest more than anyone else as they watched the contestants lift empty spoons to the paper plate on their head.

Dr. Teweleit was in Northen Recital Hall for the 3 pm high school assembly. Jazz band II performed. Their conductor is Mr. Hinds.

Mr. Storey led jazz band III.

It was raining outside.

And dry inside.

At 7 pm, the brass choir performed. These are the best high school brass players at our camp. It was a good concert.

Then the directors jazz band performed for the campers.

Jazz band bones under plungers. Do you know pheasant under glass? They never let you see a picture of it when you go into a fine restaurant like McDonald's. Whatever you do, do NOT order "bones under plungers." Actually, try to forget this picture completely. I shouldn't have brought it up in the first place.

Time to retire (.......for the evening). I'll be back tomorrow. And that's not an idle threat.