July 10, 2013

Here is the drum major class that starts at 7:45 am.

And the breathing class. It appears to me that fewer campers are breathing than yesterday's pictures.

Outside Northen Recital Hall is the student events office where students can nominate director of the day. Mrs. DuBois needs more votes. She didn't earn director of the day last year, and I'm hearing about it every day (and so are her bass clarinet students).

I guess I had a dizzy spell. Too bad you had to experience it as well. Now we're inside. Workers are working and that's all there is to that.

Across the hall is the directors lounge. (It's not possessive. The phrase indicates where directors lounge.)

And here's a picture of lounging directors.

And here's the kind of games directors play. None of that electronic stuff for them. This is pure skill.

Fuel for directors. (Notice that the "s" indicates plural. In other words, more than one director eats the contents of these boxes. A director could not eat five boxes of donuts. A camper could. That's why the directors have voted to not allow campers in the lounge where directors lounge.)

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, it was the old favorite pull-a-kleenex-one-at-a-time-out-of-a-box-using- only-one-hand game. Cats don't play this game, but infants do. Just ask your mother if she remembers the time you played this game all by yourself and she wondered why you were being so quiet. Mothers never forget.

See how fast they were moving in the previous picture?

There was a tie, so the judges had to confer in order to declare a winner.

See how fast they are discussing the contest. I don't know who won, but it all depends on the results of the drug tests that were taken from the participants.

At 7 pm, there were masterclasses for all the instruments. We have a very talented faculty. They're active players and have years of experience. Here is the beginning of the horn masterclass.

Percussion. They are going to wrap a mallet head.

Dr. Tariq is working with the top percussion ensemble.

The trumpets in Northen Recital Hall.




Some of the flutes were fuzzy. Not my fault. Clarinets.

Brass choir. These are the top brass players in our camp working with Dr. Manfredi.

The horn masterclass again.

And that's a wrap.