July 16, 2013

I was going to check on the breathing class but it was raining and I was afraid that I would melt. Even a fine mist makes me fizzle like salt on a snail. That's why there are not breathing class pictures to start us off.

I had a little break from taking attendance, so I hit a couple of first-period classes. This is Mrs. DuBois' high school concert band bass clarinets.

Mr. Swails and the junior high school honor band bass clarinets.

Dr. Morales' high school symphonic band trombones.

Dr. Manfredi and the high school symphonic band horns waxing philosophically.

The junior high school honor band bassoons.

Mr. Storey's high school concert band clarinets. They were packing up to go to the next class.

Ms. Rowley and her junior high school symphonic band oboes.

I went to Cousins Lobby during the second hour to picture the junior high school concert band flutes with Ms. Rohus.

The junior high school concert band clarinets were in Cousins ballroom with Ms. O'Bryant.

They got teeth tape so "red hoody" was showing me (and the entire world) the addition to her lower teeth.

Mr. Elsner had the junior high school varsity band percussionists. They had just arrived and were trying to get set up.

The junior high school varsity trumpets were in Jarrett lobby with Mr. Tenerelli.

Mrs. Casso was working with the junior high school varisty band horns.

Mr. Trevino was with the tubas and euphoniums from varsity band in Jarrett Unit D.

Mr. Harris' junior high school concert band saxophones.

Junior high school varsity band trombones with Mr. Nuckols.

I snuck over to Northen to picture the high school honor band bassoons and Mr. Cameron.

The high school honor band oboes.

The junior high school concert band bassoons.

The high school maroon band clarinets and Ms. McBurney.

Ms. Garcia and the junior high school honor band horns and one stand hider.

Mr. Anderson's junior high school honor band trumpets.

Creative oboists from the high school maroon band were working on the magnificent poster that propel their band into first place in the band competition.

At 1:45, I found the woodwind ensemble.

The high school horn ensemble.

The drum major class was divided today. Drum major teams were working on their routine. One young man wasn't.

The high school percussion II ensemble performed for the high school students.

There are 19 bass clarinets at camp, so they played the "Pink Panther." Question: What would you do if 19 bass clarinets showed up at your house wanting to play the "Pink Panther"?

"Call the police and slowly back away" was the only answer I could come up with, too.

Today's game was to blindfold a contestant, give him a spoon, have him scoop cotton balls onto the spoon, and place the cotton ball on a paper plate held above the head. I don't get it either except it used the rest of the assembly time.

All the camp faculty play in a directors band at 3:30. Adam Frey is our Yamaha Corporation guest artist this week. Tarpley's Music, Tau Beta Sigma, and Kappa Kappa Psi are the other sponsors of Mr. Frey's appearance. By the way, this band has been invited to perform at next year's Texas Bandmasters Association convention.

At 4:30 there are some jazz bands. This is the jazz band III. They will perform tomorrow at 3 pm at the junior high school assembly.

Jazz band I rehearses on the Branding Iron Theatre stage. This band and jazz band II will perform at the high school assembly tomorrow at 3 pm.

And jazz band II on the Northen Recital Hall stage.

At 5:30 pm the directors jazz band rehearses. Dr. Teweleit leads the group.

At 7 pm, Dr. Tariq director the high school percussion ensemble. These are the top players at camp.

The second number included audience participation. The place was really rocking from side to side.

Then the woodwind ensemble, which also has the top high school players at camp this year, performed. Mr. Worosello is their conductor.

Mr. Bob Conaway, our regional representative for Yamaha Corporation of America, introduced Mr. Adam Frey, guest artist this week at band camp.

Mr. Frey accompanied by Dr. James Rauscher.

It was a really fabulous performance. We're grateful to the Yamaha Corporation of America for sponsoring Mr. Adams. We also thank Tarpley Music Company and Mr. Mike Burt. Thanks also to the Alpha Psi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi and the Xi Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, the band fraternity/sorority at WTAMU.