July 9, 2013

Dr. Teweleit sent me some pictures. These are from Monday's rehearsal. This is Mr. Vaughn and the high school symphonic band.

The next pictures are from the 7:45 am breathing class on Tuesday morning. I have some too that give a different perspective, but let me get through Dr. Tewelweit's pictures first, since he is so kind as to help a troubled soul like mine.

The high school assembly played the roll-up-toilet-paper game. Cats like to play this game, but they just spool to whole roll onto the floor. We're more sophisticated. We're going to wrap moving targets: humans.

On Tuesday evening, many of the campers went to the outdoor musical T*E*X*A*S. About 12 miles east of Canyon, TX, is the Palo Duro Canyon. The area around Canyon is pretty flat, but there's a canyon that appears out of nowhere. It's really pretty. Anyway, there's a summer musical about the history of this area that's very entertaining and a big tourist stop.

Some campers took a short horse ride.

We're back to my work. Can you see how the quality deteriorates? This is the breathing class before the campers start breathing.

On the right above is a different use of a music stand. Whatever floats your boat.

Here's a picture from the balcony before the start of the 3 pm assembly in Northen Recital Hall for the high school students.

I'm over in the junior high assembly on Tuesday in the Branding Iron Theatre in the Fine Arts Complex.

The toilet paper game, junior high school style.

And that might be all that I have for Tuesday. That night was the T*E*X*A*S trip.