July 18, 2013

Last day of breathing class. 22 of 91 made it. Here are the survivors.

At 1:30 all the 1:45 required class ensembles performed for one another. Junior high school were in the Branding Iron Theatre. The flute ensemble and Mrs. Cooley.

Ms. McDivitt conducting the second percussion ensemble.

Ms. Pecht and the trombones.

Mr. Elsner and percussion ensemble I.

Ms. Garcia and French horns.

Mr. Tenerelli's trumpets.

Mr. Kasper and the second clarinet ensemble.

Clarinet ensemble I conducted by Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Harris' saxophones.

Over in Northen Recital Hall, the high school ensembles were performing. This is the second flute ensemble. Ms. Rohus and Ms. Williams were working with this group.

Dr. Morales and the trombones.

Ms. Eiben and flute ensemble I.

Mrs. Casso with her horn ensemble.

Horn cases parked at the curb awaiting their owners' return.

Dr. Takacs and the high school trumpet ensemble.

Mrs. DuBois and the clarinet ensemble.

Mr. Barger and the high school saxophone ensemble. Every ensemble awards a trophy to the outstanding student for the two weeks.

Mr. Trevino conducts the tuba/euph ensemble that has both junior high school and high school.

Mr. Lefevre, Mr. Frey, and Dr. Teweleit.

The directors band performed for the camp at 3 pm.

At 5 pm the winning bands (junior high school honor band and the high school maroon band) were treated to a pizza party.

The camp ball began at 8 pm.

Let's call it good.