July 11, 2013

It's about 7:15 am and I'm walking east along the street that has Jarrett Hall where all the boys are housed. The junior high school boys are closest to us and the high school are on the other side of the entrance. The blacktop glistens not because of rain, but because all the tar is melted by the heat. (That's not exactly true, but it's already above 70 degrees.)

Now you can see where the high school boys stay. OK. There is some water on the street from the sprinklers. But it's not very much.

Directly across the street is the cafeteria.

Rocky is giving us the "call me" sign. Rocky was an honor camper, gave his senior recital this spring, and now is helping us as a resident assistant.

Beyond Rocky is the activities center, where the campers can play raquetball, basketball, swim, dance, etc.

Let's go inside.

Cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins, and that's the end of that.

Toast, jelly, syrup. At least the jelly and syrup would make a nice meal.

There are different stations for cereals and milks.

Donuts. Yum, yum.

Eggs, sausage, potatoes, and French toast.

Fresh fruit. My favorite is fresh fruit straight out of a can covered in its own syrup.

Fruits that apparently grow on trees and don't come out of a can. I am completely unfamiliar with this method of delivery. What would a person do with kiwi, anyway?

Salsa, jalapenos, and cheese. I suppose those would be mixed with other ingredients rather than eaten straight. Maybe in combination with syrup those items might be palatable.

Silverware (if campers choose to use them).

Drinks. There's some fruit juices in addition to the sodas.

And now some satisfied customers.

I like the cafeteria's food. There's lots of variety and you can go back for seconds a third or fourth time if you are still hungry. They do a good job and give us extended hours to accommodate our schedule. I especially enjoy syrup, jelly, cinnamon rolls, and things like that.

I walked south for a little ways, and you can see the girls' dorms in the distance. It's not very far. The activities center is to their left.

I turned left and am coming up on the southeast side of the Fine Arts Complex.

It's the third hour, so I walked around to some of the band rehearsals. Here is Dr. Garner and the high school honor band brass sectional.

Oops! I went fuzzy again. I'm headed south out of the Fine Arts Complex and can see the Classroom Center.

On the south side (100 feet) of the classroom center is an addition that has an auditorium. That's where the junior high school honor band is rehearsing.

The high school symphonic band in the west addition to Northen Hall.

Then I went to the stage of Northen Recital Hall for the high school white band.

Yeow. Some of those pictures weren't very good.

Now we're at the 1:45 pm high school rhythmic reading class just before it began.

I decided to catch the bassoon reedmaking and oboe reedmaking classes before they pulled out their knives. Remember that I only have a pencil to defend myself.

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, campers were to flip their shoe and try to land it on the table top.

The student events workers were running out of gas, so they had to move the campers closer to the table. The game eventually ended. I think this is something that you can learn as you mature. After I got married, I did a lot of shoe flipping in the department stores while my wife looked a skirts, blouses, sweaters, blankets, baby things,..... Finally a store manager would ask her to leave and take me with her. I love shoe flipping.