July 8, 2013

We've been preparing for the beginning of band camp for months. The day has finally arrived. Ms. Munoz is the band camp secretary facing you. Dr. Teweleit is standing at the left. Today he coordinates the transportation from the airport. Kaspar, Lyndsay, and Chris have been stuffing envelopes and filing papers. Me? I'm taking a picture.

Workers about to spring into action! (They're actually waiting for the next airport run.)

Primarily, we use two buildings: the Fine Arts Complex, where music shares the north half of the second floor with the department of communications), and Northen Hall (no, it's not a spelling error), where we use the south side (two floors) and the west extension. In the fine arts complex we have practice rooms for the students to warm up before tryouts Monday morning.

This is the west entrance to the fine arts complex.

There's a pathway that separates the "F" building from the "N" building. You'll notice that so far I'm doing a nice job with my camer work. Just wait! Notice that the poles appear to bend. Trick photography.

The entrance to the northwest side of Northen.

Just inside the doors you just looked at. Already people are waiting in line. Campers will start here and pick up an envelope. On the outside is a label that tells them when their audition is, where they audition, what their 1:45 class is and if they opted for a 7:45, 3:30, or 4:30 class.

We also post a master list when they lose their envelope.

Looking back at the registration table.

As the audition results are tabulated, honor campers will post lists by instrument.

There are lockers for campers to store their instrument. First come, first served. We also have an instrument storage room with lockers like these at the end of this hallway and to the right.

Looking down from the second floor. Don't be afraid. I'm behind the railing.

Once the camper gets the registration envelope, s/he will come into the recital hall and we'll take a picture and make a nametag. (Yes, the picture is bad. I recognize that, but it's too late to fix it. That moment has passed.)

This is where they'll get pictured. (Yes, I know it's getting worse. Stick around.)

They's exit the recital hall, go up the ramp and pick up their T-shirt.

Inside the instrumental rehearsal room, there are tables if they want to purchase a ticket to the outdoor musical T*E*X*A*S or go to Wonderland Park. They can also sign up for private lessons.

Campers have a band camp card that gives them access to the activity center for recreation. The Buffalo Gold Card office will set up here. Campers can put money on the card for vending machines and for businesses close to campus rather than carrying money on their person. Lyndsay, who had her back to you in the first picture, got in my way."Look out, Lyndsay. I'm taking pictures, and I'm not known for portraits."

I've exited Northen on the east side and now I'm looking westward again.

I turn to my right and there's the south entrance to the fine arts complex.

We registered 684 campers. My camera is tired and has a migraine. It's smoking hot.

Mr. Lefevre, the camp director, meets the campers at the dorms.

Then we have a faculty meeting at 9 pm.

The work crew (left to right): Kody, Aaron, Jordan (chief), Megan, Jacob. They do all the hard lifting, moving, set ups, etc. for the camp. Anyway, they'll do a lot of work during the camp and they do a really good job.

From left to right: Dr. Teweleit (assistant camp director), Mr. Lefevre (camp director), Ms. Munoz (camp secretary), Kaspar (office assistant). Me? I'm busy taking pictures.

It's after 10 pm, so that's it for tonight.