July 13, 2013

Today is the first set of concerts beginning in the afternoon. The morning is a regular schedule for us. It's just like Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. Here are some first-period pictures. The first group is the Junior High School Varsity Band in the Fine Arts Complex Studio Theatre.

I went over to the activity center (AC) to catch the junior high school concert band brass and percussion sectional.

Then the junior high school symphonic band brass and percussion sectional.


The first week concerts start at 2 pm. All nine bands will perform in Northen Recital Hall this week. Here's the junior high school varsity band directed by Mike Keig and Greg Diamond.

The junior high school concert band. Donna O'Bryant and Annette Mitchell were their directors this week.

Mrs. Cooley, Mr. Loya and the high school white band.

Mr. Hanna and Mr. Ellis directed the junior high school symphonic band.

Next is the junior high school honor band. Babs Streit and Cindy Bulloch directed the ensemble.

The high school maroon band led by Mr. Sheffield and Mr. Zalman.

The high school concert band with Mr. Storie and Mr. Whitaker.

Russ Teweleit, Randy Vaughn, and the high school symphonic band.

Gary Garner and the high school honor band.

Maddi was the soloist this week.

The end of Saturday.