July 15, 2013

Here are some pictures of first-period classes. Junior high school concert band trumpets.

Junior high school concert band horn sectional with Mrs. Casso.

Junior high school symphonic band saxophones and Mr. Harris.

Mr. Nuckols and the junior high school concert band trombones.

Mr. Elsner and the junior high school concert band percussion students.

Yeow! Kyaks at band camp?!?! Too much free time? I don't think so. The weatherman did say that we had a chance for rain today, but his name was not Noah.

Second period. These are the high school concert band trumpets with Dr. Takacs.

High school concert band euphoniums and tubas.

High school honor band saxophones.

Ms. Pecht and the junior high school trombones.

The junior high school honor band euphoniums and tubas.

Mr. Barney with the high school maroon band saxophones.

Ms. Thomas and the high school maroon band flutes.

Because he said he wanted his picture taken. That's why.

We're at the 1:45 pm classes. This is the junior high school flute ensemble that meets in Cousins Lobby.

The second junior high school clarinet ensemble that meets in Cousins Ballroom with Mr. Kaspar and Mrs. McBurney.

Junior high school percussion ensemble I that meets in the Glass Room of the cafeteria with Mr. Elsner.

The junior high school trumpet ensemble that meets in Jarrett Lobby.

At the 3 pm assembly, teams were supposed to run with a balloon between their knees, pop the balloon by sitting on it, and run back to tag the next person. The main problem was that the balloon shot back 10 feet when the person leaped into the air to give a solid plant.

After the assembly, a lot of the campers go to the activities center for recreation. There's a water park.

There are intramurals where campers can win points for their band.

There's a bowling alley downstairs.

Racquetball courts.

At 7 pm, our camp faculty performed at Northen Recital Hall for the campers.

And that's Monday.