July 12, 2013

Here's the 7:45 a.m. breathing class. There are but few survivors from the original 91. Custodial services is doing a nice job of clearing bodies of those who have stopped breathing.

I take attendance the first hour and then play hide-and-seek with missing campers for the next two hours. (Maybe that's an exageration.) It seems like two hours. I broke free from my captors to take some pictures of a couple of sectionals.

In the morning, campers have a full band rehearsal, a woodwind or brass and percussion sectional, and then a sectional for their instrument. Each class runs an hour, but everything is staggered. I'm in the second hour and here are my pictures.

Mrs. DuBois and the high school honor band bass clarinets.

Mr. Swails and the high school maroon band bass clarinets. I have a cat that hisses at me, too. Just like that.

High school concert band trombones.

High school concert band horns.

High school maroon band bassoons.

High school honor band clarinets.

Mrs. Blackburn and the high school honor band flutes in the Fine Arts Complex Recital Hall.

Mr. Hughes and the junior high school concert band oboes.

I'll do some more tomorrow.

Lunchtime. Let me show you the cafeteria lunch menu. First we start with cookies. Now THAT'S my kind of appetizer!

Next is ice cream.

I'm done with lunch, but let me show you what some people might choose.

Suddenly I found that I had room for apple cobbler.

Roast beef, vegetables, meatballs (?; I wasn't paying attention as I was looking at the apple cobbler), spaghetti, and spaghetti sauce.

There's pizza. Pepperoni and cheese pizzas are the most popular.

Char-grilled hamburgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, tater tots are found at this station.

There's chili and cheese.

And other toppings.

You can make your own sandwich. There's also pickles, tomatoes, and onions for your burger or hot dog. If you are making a sandwich, there's sliced ham, sliced turkey, and there's a tuna salad mix that looked good.

Here's a salad station, but you could put lettuce on your hamburger, too.

More salad toppings and dressings.


Salsa, jalapenos, I forgot to ask, and shredded cheese.

The baskets are full again. How does that happen? And why is it alowed to happen?

Anyone who can't find something to eat here needs to start again at the cookie station. Did I mention rice krispy treats?

And here's some of our band campers eating and visting.

These are some of our resident assistants.

At 1:45 pm, we have a required class, so here's a picture of the second music theory class.

Mr. Dixon and the junior high school horn ensemble.

Next is the first theory class. These are older students.

The junior high school saxophone ensemble.

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, the game was "human knot." There are 10 students, they put both hands in the circle and take hold of another hand. Three times one person in the group I chose to watch came up empty. Three times! What is the matter with them? One time the person who came up empty was holding his own hand. (I made that part up because I thought that would be funny.) It will come as no surprise to you that my group finished in last place. About 30 minutes after the assembly was dismissed. (I made that part up.) Cats can't play this game because they can't, or won't, follow instuctions. My group got it, but they couldn't execute the instructions.

Junior high varsity band won. The judges didn't have to deliberate this time. My group came in last. No question about that.

We had a talent show at 7 pm. Tyler played a piano solo.

Tyler sang an original song and accompanied himself on the guitar.

Angel sang.

Jasmine sang and worked a plastic cup on the floor with all kinds of percussive sounds.

Brittney played electric bass guitar.

A saxophone quartet played.

Anna sang.

Austin did his D.J. thing. (Don't blame me for the quality of this picture. I was drawing as fast as I could but he kept moving around.)

Nicole sang.

Ricky did a black belt routine.

Guitar Tyler came in first place. Ricky was second and the sax quartet was third. Everyone did a very good job.

The student events crew made a zombie video that was very entertaining.

I told you that the five-member work crew does everything around here during camp. I had no idea that interpretive dance was also in their repertoire. The ballet they performed was a love story centered around Mr. Broom and Lady Mop Head, characters familiar to the high school students from the 3 pm assembly. I was concerned for the "Anonymous Crew" when I saw that they were wearing socks on their feet. The recital hall floor is slippery. I have found that to be true when I dance on the stage at 2 am. (OK. I just made up that last part.) I was most afraid that their performance would never end, but it finally did.