July 18, 2012

Here are pictures from last night's recital. This is the high school percussion ensemble. Members are selected by the first day's audition. Dr. Susan Martin Tariq is their conductor.

Mr. Ritter conducted the high school brass choir. Again, these are the top brass players at camp.

Mr. Bob Conway is the Yamaha Corporation representative for our region and our advocate for a Yamaha guest artist at our camp. This is the tenth year that Yamaha has supported this program. Tarpley's Music Company also participates in this effort, and we appreciate their commitment to the camp.

Dr. Mark Ostoich, professor at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, gave a beautiful performance.

He was accompanied by Dr. James Rauscher, music department head at Amarillo College.

Thursday morning.

I'm going to try to get first period classes. Here is the high school symphonic band horns.

The junior high school honor band bassoons, minus one who was tardy.

And now the full section.

High school concert band clarinets.

Junior high school honor band flutes with Ms. Thomas.

High school concert band flutes.

Junior high school symphonic band oboes.

Mr. Walsh and the high school symphonic band trombones. (Oops! I'm feeling dizzy again.)

High school symphonic band tubas and euphoniums.

Ms. Hart and the junior high school honor band oboes.

Junior high school honor band saxophones.

High school white band tubas and euphoniums with Mr. Simmons.

High school white band trombones with Ms. Pecht.

Mr. Barger's high school concert band saxophones.

High school honor band bass clarinets in their second hour sectional.

High school concert band horns.

High school maroon band bassoons.

Mr. Storey's high school honor band clarinets.

High school maroon band flutes. You should hear what weird thing happened to the young lady second from from the left this morning. Ask her sometime.

OK. I can't take the pressure. I'll tell you. A bug crawled/flew into her ear and she had to flood it out. That's bad, all right, but let me tell you about the time when I was young that a distant relative showed up on our front porch.... Try to get rid of one of those!

High school honor band flutes.

High school honor concert band trombones. They were voting on Mr. and Mrs. Band Camp for tomorrow night's ball. I hope I win. I campaigned hard for this coveted prize.

Oh-oh. I'm dizzy again.

Each of the bands makes a poster. This one is high school honor band, then symphonic, then concert, then maroon, then white.

Junior high school honor band, symphonic band, and concert band.

First prize was junior high school honor band; second to symphonic; third to concert.

It's difficult if not impossible to get a good picture of colorguard when they're moving. For me, it's difficult when they're stationary. We're at the 3 pm junior high school assembly.

Jazz band III is the first group to perform.


The high school maroon band bassoons performed as a quartet.

The junior high school clarinets performed two pieces directed by Kaspar.

The competition today was a wheelbarrow race.

Tonight at 7 pm the high school woodwind choir will perform with Dr. Ostoich. The directors jazz band will perform too, and I'll give you those pictures tomorrow.